the imagineer. episode 2. the sporadic episodic serial.

4 marksmen sat with their sniper rifles trained at the imagineer below. one at each of the compass points. N.S.E.W. they were on a cocktail of drugs to give them the reaction time needed to compete with the imagineer and as a result they would burn out after 1 hour. then they would be relieved for an hour, receive 15 minutes detox treatment, 30 mins induced sleep, then 15 minutes redrugging. after 1 week of this they received their full pension and were retired, twitchy and paranoid but with medals the size of dinner plates.

the imagineer waited until the snipers were due their change of watch then split his persona into two. he was now both the imagineer man high up in the steel chair and the imagineer woodlouse making its way unnoticed where the wall meets the floor. scurrying scurrying. lucky for the imagineer this was a particularly small woodlouse, its growth stunted by the secret service pest control divisions liberal use of insect killer in the cafeteria. the size of the woodlouse meant the imagining caused only the slightest murmur on the monitoring instruments.

‘youve done well making it all the way along the air ducts to my room my little friend.’

‘-cof!- -cof!- thank you’  said the woodlouse, slightly confused that he now shared his brain and body with the mighty daydreaming intellect of the imagineer. he crawled out through the front door of his holding room just below the first of the horizontal infra red beams stretching up the door at 5mm spacings. the designer (arnold wiggins, a junior with boden and brown military security inc.) should have made the spacings 2mm. ‘

the woodlouse peered round the door frame. this was going to be tricky. there, crouching, waiting, sensing, 20 metres from him was 6 ninjas from the blind division and 6 ninjas from the deaf division. trained from birth in case the imagineer should try any sight or hearing tricks, they were the ultimate human soldiers, able to detect a whisker falling on a concrete floor over 15 metres such was the excellence of their remaining senses. some were testing the air with their tongue flicking out like a snake. some had a finger on the ground feeling for tiny vibrations or sounds. does anyone else sense woodlouse? said one of the blind ninjas, his nose in the air……


….will imagineer woodlouse be able to get past the blind and deaf ninjas without being detected? ….will imagineers host woodlouse survive the long journey?…..

tune in next time for the blog of navarones only sporadic episodic serial. ‘the imagineer!’

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