The Imagineer. Episode 1

imagine a boy who had developed daydreaming to such an extent that it could be used as a physical force. a result of years spent staring out of windows instead of at blackboards. years spent staring at wallpaper or carpet patterns instead of listening to elderly relatives. so highly was his brain free of reality or consequence that he would drift-off mid conversation into another world. he would leave soup bubbling till the pot was so much twisted goo. meetings or appointments were merely future no-shows for him. such was the fractured, easily distracted nature of the imagineer. the power of daydreaming had reached such that the imagineer need only imagine his waitress slipping and scalding herself with hot latte and a series of events would occur to make it so. he need only imagine a smouldering housefly skywriting obscenities and a series of events would occur to make it so. the impossible was only a seconds thought away. purple seas. floating cars. 10,000 godzillas. creamcakes as far as the eye could see – childsplay. multiple bodies, time control, artificial intelligence in inanimate objects – harder. his powers were only limited by his own imagination. when the government found out his power they snatched him.

they now possessed the ultimate weapon.

they had kept him locked in a windowless room, on a chair 6ft above the ground. he remained in a half doped semi coma – but awake, believing that sleep would have dangerous dreaming capabilities. in the room was a tv with a preset list of non-offensive programs. laverne and shirley. cheers. nothing sci-fi or violent was ever broadcast to the imagineer in the fear that it would cause violent imaginings. all the actors faces were slightly pixellated so as to avoid celebrity harm. he was strapped up to brain monitors to catch any signs of imagining and to set guards to red alert.  on the wall was a red sign with white writing.

“dont imagine! you will be destroyed!

until you are needed,-just watch t.v.”

outside the 6ft thick lead walls of the room were rings of increasing concentric circles of guards and tanks and guards and tanks and guards and tanks. outside the labyrinth sat more tanks and men as well as beached battleships all pointing toward the hub, all watching the installation. poised to destroy at a moments notice. all ready to obliterate anything imagined and the imagineer should the need arise. he knew he could escape at any moment. all he needed to do was imagine quicker than the electric signals from his brain could reach the brain monitor and from there the red alert bulb and from there the radio signal to the 10,000 men on overwatch. but what was the point? when you had ultimate power, why not just watch tv?

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