that means more than famous!

today i am featured on the blog of etsy

in the uk section


super duper.

super duper.

and i want all you naysayers who thought id never achieve anything to take it all back, that means you mrs ferguson my old woodwork teacher and that means you helen dorffman my first girlfriend and that means you mother, i did it mum. take that. and that means you uncle eric, and you aunt norah and you morag mclafferty my second girlfriend, and you dad, you said  just this morning id never make it and that i was a shame on the family name and that could you borrow 5 pounds for biscuits. well . look at me now. infamous. more than famous. if you beg me i will take you all back. but it needs to be good begging.

anyway. enuf toxic venting.

go look!

go look!

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8 Responses to infamous

  1. That's amazing! I loved the interview. Look! Etsy! Brilliant!
    (I haven't had enough sleep to be more coherent. You've inspired me to finally set up my own Etsy shop tonight.)

  2. I'm so sorry, Paul. I take it all back. Please? Pretty please with strawberries and whipped cream and shaved dark belgium chocolate and powdered vanilla sugar on top?Damn, I can see that's not working…. Pretty please with naked goblins cavorting like dervishes around spray-painted puritans on poles?

  3. Pffft….I don't need Etsy to tell me about it… I've known about your awesomeness for years. [That's fantastic!] really, though – KUDOS on the Etsy shout out.

  4. Do you ship to the States of United America? Puhleeeeeez???

  5. thank you thank you, i knew none of you ever doubted me, it was that other lot!
    what is your etsy shop called fox?
    i only ship for well-off oil men and inheritors sixbucks – such is the crazy price. sorry. but i feel we are both in for a massive lottery win. i feel it. i feel it.

  6. It's Named after a German part-work magazine, of course.

  7. laurifromvox says:

    Hello out there!!! *shielding eyes from brightness*

    I see you have been around WP for a long while! You will be one of our professional experts.

    • no, im new here too, i just imported all the vox stuff so it looks like ive been here for ages.

      if you want to import your old vox stuff you go to your blog dashboard, then to tools and import. your username is your email.

      its going to be hard following everyone here cos there isnt really a ‘neighbourhood’.
      still. new experiences and all that.

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