a tip for you. carry it with you. teach your children. evolve.

margaret has passed this on to me via kav.

when putting more than one spread on your toast… to avoid polluting the second spread by mixing the first spread into the jar… stick your knife into the side of the toast, the fluffy inside of your toast cleans the knife, therefore preparing it for use in the second spread.

thank you. thank you.

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6 Responses to a tip for you. carry it with you. teach your children. evolve.

  1. That's £25 from Take A Break's top tips page, right there.

  2. Ishtar says:

    how about using a second knife, like surgeons do (I imagine)? (I like the sound of knife dropping into a tray.) (I assume nurses are in charge of washing them.)

  3. £25? that is a fortune for me at the moment. if take a break is weekly thats £100 a month. i just need 3 other tips and i could have a career.

  4. You could send it to other quality publications too, like Love It! and Real People. You're not supposed to send the same tip to multiple magazines but they don't check. I've seen one – converting a bikini into a purse – in at least three publications.

  5. yes if washing up isnt an issue the tip is redundant you're right. it would be good to have an assistant when making toast and sandwiches.
    'butter knife nurse'
    'butter knife'
    'jam knife nurse'
    'jam knife'

  6. you know this field very well fox. you've done your research.
    ok so Take A Break, Love It!, Real People.
    thats £300 pounds right there. lets say someone else comes up with a doozy like the bikini purse and i dont win every single top tip, thats still £275. that will almost cover the electricity bill.

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