crush crush

hey does anyone remember going to the shoe shop and you would

take your shoe off and put your foot in that little hole??


and the sides would move in and then the tops like some little indiana jones room for your foot?

brrrrrr. klunk. brrrrr. klunk.

what the hell was that?


and the display was kind of floating circles over letters i think.

bring that back.

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8 Responses to crush crush

  1. plubby says:

    Never had that, me …. just the slidey yardstick thingy …

  2. i never had the slidey yardstick thingy, just the hole machine.
    we're the product of two different foot measurement systems pog.

  3. I loved the crush crush clunk whoosh foot machine. Until the shoe shop lady told me my feet were too small and I should eat more so they would grow.

  4. I don't remember that box but I do remember that thing you put your foot on and it shot X-rays through your foot (and reproductive organs). Bring THAT back.

  5. that shoe shop lady was clearly a luddite intent on selling you ginormous shoes.
    in another culture your small feet would be envied.

  6. ha. i was just reading about that in a Robert Olen Butler story. really that is taking foot measurement too far.

  7. plubby says:

    Oh my. is that why I can't walk in high heels and you can? Um. Hang on a mo …

  8. cha0tic says:

    Yeah I remember that. I have a feeling it was in Startrite or Clark's shops. Now you've mentioned it I can feel the gentle pressure of the brushed stainless steel on my feet.

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