i just went on a chatroom. very 90s i know.

this is one of the conversations. i thought it was funny


> Connected, feel free to talk now
You: you are in a forest
Stranger: i know
Stranger: where are you
You: to the south is a river
You: to the north is a fallen tree
You: to the west is a road
Stranger: OMG yay
You: to the east is a campfire
You: n,s,e,w?
Stranger: east
You: you go east
You: there is  a penny on the ground.
You: the fire had gone out
Stranger: damn
You: it is very quiet
You: ?
Stranger: ok
Stranger: is it day or night?
You: it is day
Stranger: so i turn around and go west
You: you go west
You: you die of a disease
You: game over
Stranger: oh crap!
You: again?
Stranger: sure
You: n,s,e,w
Stranger: north
You: you die of a disease
You: game over
Stranger: shit
Stranger: south?
You: you go south
You: you dont die
Stranger: thank god
You: oh. no . sorry. you do
You: game over
You: again?
Stranger: well that sucks
Stranger: ive gone every direction…
You: you should have picked up the penny
Stranger: ohhhh
Stranger: what happens then?
You: you win
Stranger: oh
Stranger: haha
Stranger: sweet
Stranger: did you make this thing up?
You: no i write filmscripts. this is one i have already written
You: it is called. 'pick up penny'
Stranger: cool
Stranger: that sounds like an enjoyable job
You: it is. but i have no arms or legs
You: so it kind of evens out
Stranger: ohhh true
Stranger: sorry to hear that
You: thank you
You: i love pity
You: do you have legs?
Stranger: yes
You: oh. well rub it in my face why dont you
You: sick
Stranger: sorry
You: you think your better than me co you have legs?
You: i write scripts!
You: i wrote 'pick up penny!'
Stranger: of course not…if anything you're better than me
You: well. thats very kind
You: now i feel bad for losing my temper
Stranger: thats ok, no worries
You: no. how can i make it up to you
You: name it
Stranger: are you a boy or a girl?
You: guess
Stranger: guy?
You: hahahahaahahaahah
You: no. iam actually a goat
You: baah
Stranger: lol that explains alot….
You: hey, im a goat that types
Stranger: impressive
You: thats pretty fuckin good with no arms or legs
Stranger: so pardon my asking, but how do you do it?
You: do what?
Stranger: type
You: oh
You: i tell my secretary and she types it
Stranger: lovely
You: well.
You: here we are
Stranger: yes indeed
You: sittin at the computer
You: you and me and the secretary
Stranger: where are you from?
You: scotland
You: where are you from?
Stranger: america
You: ah
You: land of the free
You: home of the brave
You: u s a
Stranger: haha the very same
You: we used to own you
Stranger: i know
Stranger: i wasnt alive then though
You: when we had an empire
You: all gone now
Stranger: yuppp
You: let that be a lesson
You: from a goat
Stranger: ….not to have empires?
You: exactly
You: cause one day…….
You: you wake up
You: ….
You: no empire
Stranger: this is true
Stranger: it all falls apart
You: hey. everything crumbles
You: its all dust my friend
Stranger: this is also true
You: well
You: i have to go
Stranger: alrighty
Stranger: its been lovely
You: take care america
Stranger: you too scotland
You: live every moment
You: take nothing for granted
You: because its all dust
You: its all dust
Stranger: you are very profound
You: profound is my middle name
Stranger: goat profound scotland?
You: thats it
You: im in the book
Stranger: marvelous
You: yeh can look me up
You: next time your over
Stranger: sweet maybe i will
You: drag me around on my stomach
You: meet my typist
Stranger: sounds like a plan
You: we'll call it 'plan a'
Stranger: does that imply a plan b?
You: it does.
You: now whos profound
Stranger: everyone is, deep down
You: and dust
You: profound and dust
Stranger: a bunch of profound dust: such is the world
You: it is indeed
You: couldnt have put it better myself
You: i sense a kindred spirit
You: take care america
Stranger: you too scotland
You: peace out
Stranger: farewell
> You disconnected. Press "Next" to find a new person!

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4 Responses to chatroom

  1. Lauri says:

    Oh yeah. That is what I call "Making connections.":D

  2. I love Omegle. Haven't been on there for ages. I am going to have to try a pick-a-plot adventure for my next chat there. Awesome idea!

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