aaaaaaaaaaaaagh. cold.

my windows are frozen on the inside. that cant be right. those drips are frozen solid. mmmyah hyahm.

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22 Responses to aaaaaaaaaaaaagh. cold.

  1. Jando says:

    Ha – that looks like the windows in the house where I grew up. My parents were firm believers in 'put another jumper on if you're cold' and we only had the heating on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

  2. mariser says:

    gah. doesn't look comfy at the US they sell a plastic sheeting to cover windows from the inside of the house. does a good job. do you have anything similar in the UK?

  3. I would love to comment on your frozen window however it was 12 degrees this morning and I died.

  4. yeh my parents have gone the other way now, their house is like a greenhouse. all the heatins cranked up to full so theres an intense heat. you cant breathe or sleep. theyre like lizard people or somethin.
    ive got whats left of my heating on full to try and thaw the place out but its doing nothing.

  5. yeh thats what i need, i think we do have that here, actually i just need to get off my bum and save up for double glazing. i need to spend so much money fixin up this house.
    and also i need to surreptishioushly make some friends who are plumbers, electricians,joiners and glazers. and maybe some mechanics. all my friends are poorly skilled.

  6. dead?
    oh sixbucks. so much left unsaid.

  7. AmyH says:

    It's 70F here today. Yesterday we sat outside for lunch and it was almost too hot.

  8. post me some heat , i'll post you some snow.

  9. Hey Paul, lick the window would ya? I want to see if your tongue sticks to it!

  10. cha0tic says:

    If your Windows are frozen Try control/alt/delete. Otherwise try changing to Mac or Linux……What?

  11. *hands chaotic the "comment of the year" award*

  12. youve got me kinda tempted to do that. i dont know why.

  13. you're right!,
    its only the 9th of january and he's already got the trophy in the bag.
    nobody will beat that.

  14. Well just keep a cup of warm water handy to pour down the window to release it. I don't think your tongue will stick. It's not the right sort of cold…. or surface (doesn't it have to be metal??).
    I demand picture evidence. Better still, video!

  15. i dont think ive ever done it. it does stick to ice lollies sometimes though.
    ha yeh ill get the video camera out tomorro.
    what time is it where you are lom?

  16. Ten Tirty. In da peem.

  17. what did you have for dinner?
    i will guess chicken. apple pie for dessert.

  18. Omgosh, are you wearing your gypsy hat tonight? Yep we had chicken. But we had brownies for pre-dinner-dessert, not apple pie. And mashed taters and a salad.
    I'm guessing you had sausages…. but my Love decided to guess that you had lamb stew and "some sort of disgusting british-y pudding kind of thing" for dessert.

  19. hahahah. no way. i did have sausages!!!!! sausage and onions and gravy with mashed potatoes. it was leftover from yesterday. just enuf for 1 so kav had baked potato and prawns.
    for dessert we had brownie and cream. same as yous. spooky.
    we dont touch those nasty british desserts. your fellas right about them. they are disgusting! hahaha.

  20. Alright. I can see when we run away to join the gypsies, neither of us should guess desserts. Either that, or we should only ever guess the dessert that we've just had, because the psychic lure of our own indulgence obviously influences other people from great distances!
    No way, I can't believe I guessed that. I nearly said outright: "Bangers and mash" I wish I had now. 😛

  21. yes. we will specialise in 'main meal prediction' only.
    lets leave dessert prediction to someone else.
    in fact we shall frown on dessert prediction as a lesser science.

  22. Actually, our dessert talents are obviously a science far superior than mere prediction. I mean one of us had some serious psychic dessert coercion going on there. Our brownies were only made at four pm yesterday (but the ingredients were bought at around three for the purpose) so the brownie endeavour only started here at around eight or nine pm your time. I am assuming you made your brownies well before then…. ergo the talent must be yours or Kavs.

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