baths and necklaces




kav has been making necklaces from old comic books for christmas presents. — and i recently got access to calder street swimming baths which has been shut for 8 years for doors open day. i love picturess of empty swimming pools. and i love pictures of empty tennis courts and basketball courts. theres just something about them. maybe cos im crap at swimming and sport. an empty one is impotent. nothing to fear in an empty pool. i dont think it is that though.

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18 Responses to baths and necklaces

  1. I like empty pictures of places that should be busy. It looks like something's been photoshopped out.
    Those necklaces are awesome. Kav needs an Etsy shop.

  2. plubby says:

    My turn to follow Foxy around Vox agreeing with her ….

  3. i wish i had a stalker 😦

  4. plubby says:

    Foxy and I take it in turns – much the best way, we find ….

  5. its like a well-oiled stalking machine.
    what a team.

  6. If I lived in Glasgow I would definitely spend my evenings sat outside your house, taking minute-by-minute notes with a green pen about what you were doing. Hope that reassures.

  7. oooh! green pen. the stationers worst seller but the stalkers calling card!
    less mainstream than black or blue and more subtle than red.
    you're a pro alright. i'd be honoured if you were camped outside my house.

  8. plubby says:

    The head of MI6 traditionally writes in green ink y'know.
    Oops. Now I'll have to kill you.
    (True story – lookit: )

  9. wha? thats weird.
    i bet he uses those really big paperclips too. those ones that are just for comedy effect. and those big fat pink pens that everyone had with all the other pens inside it. and you had to pull down the little lever for whatever colour you wanted.
    maybe fox is ex-head of MI6 and got to keep the pen.

  10. plubby says:

    Apparently it's so his handwritten comments or whatever are instantly recognisable as belonging the big Chief. 'C'. Really. Don't you just love tradition?
    (Shhh – if you're right, she'll have to kill you!)

  11. Jando says:

    Those necklaces are super-fine.
    I also love the swimming pool photo – it looks so echoey.

  12. AmyH says:

    The necklaces are really pretty! My compliments to Kav!
    The empty places photos reminds me of the slideshow I found about Chernobyl as it looks now, but your photos are less creepy.
    Also, the stalker comments reminds me of your post about the dog across the way who stares at you. Is that dog still watching you?

  13. yeh thats right, those chernobyl pics are haunting.
    ha! i forgot about that amy. no he got bored, or died. cos i havent seen him for ages. maybe hes moved on to someone more interesting. how fickle.

  14. AmyH says:

    Dogs aren't known for their long attention spans. I hope you aren't taking his lack of interest personally.

  15. i can't help blaming myself. maybe if i had encouraged him more.

  16. mariser says:

    the building the pool is at is marvelous.thought a bit creepy. it's the empty pool.

  17. yeh it is a wee bit spooky, it was shut 8 years ago to a bit of an uproar.(there is a new pool a mile down the road) and as a result a group of people locked themselves inside in protest. they lasted 100 days until the police stormed the building and removed them by force. there is a room inside which has all the newspaper clippings of the lock-in which the protesters were cutting out and sticking up to keep their spirits up. it has a beautiful frieze which an artist made while locked in.(of which i dont have a decent picture) all scrollwork and calligraphy and protest statements. the pool is now waiting on money and its going to get refurbed and reopened.

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