new feature!….’crap we bought today’.

helloo. yes this is just some of the stuff we bought today. there was more even.

caramel nibbles- like cadburys buttons but with caramel in the button.

stencils at playscheme




wool for knitting

the odd couple (cos kenny still has my other copy an i wanna watch it now dammit!)

6 baby moisturising cream. kuv wanted six in fear that it was being discontinued cos it was reduced from 1.63 to 42 pence.

2 smoothies with knitted woolen hats???? pretty cool.



also im including this picture of liz lemon because when we paused the machine she looked orgasmic so i thought i should post it. the bar is very low now for this blog. this is the kind of stuff that will make it.


me and kuv did go to see a french film called 'a prophet' at the gft. and if you get a chance, go see it. its very good.

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9 Responses to new feature!….’crap we bought today’.

  1. Lauri says:

    I am trying to think up a Christmas Craft (crap) that would be fun to make at Thanksgiving. I have pine cones.
    Or I could just make a Liz Lemon face.

  2. Ishtar says:

    smoothies with woolen hats?

  3. yeh. weird huh? thats them up the top.
    every little innocent smoothie bottle has a different knitted hat on it. theres hundreds of them in the shops. crazycute.

  4. dewitte says:

    You really can't go wrong with Liz Lemon AND The Odd Couple. I finally saw the movie – I'd seen just about every one of the TV series show and many more than once (The Odd Couple, not 30 Rock…). We just started watching 30 Rock this season and it's really funny.

  5. absolutely. the world just seems a nicer place when im watching both. nothing can go wrong. i wish frasier was still on. miss that one. we have them all and kuv sticks them on non stop just cos its reassuring. like a good old comfort blanket.
    i was looking up other things with walter matthau and jack lemmon in as well and theres one called 'the fortune cookie'? looked quite good. its called 'meet whiplash willie' over here strangely??. but ive never seen it in the shops. dont think ill be able to get it. ive been looking out for 'swing time' as well. aint seen it yet though.

  6. plubby says:

    The little hats on the Innocent smoothies were for charity fundraising . Cute, ay?

  7. Ishtar says:

    @paul and @plubby: they are cute (the little smoothie hats). I was just about to think that all smoothies had little hats in glasgow…

  8. @plubby and @ishtar. so cute. i want all my foods to have knitted hats now. im not eating it unless it has a little hat.

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