howdy. found two great books recently. cost me 60p  for le caneton vagabond: a little french book about another self obsessed duckling from 1949. older than my dad.

look at the cocky wee bugger. waddlin about like he owns that farm. swaggering even. what is it with young ducklings and ego? hmmm? i have read the book in murdered french and am uploading to vimeo right this instant! so if i can figure out how to embed it you can find out what happens to the wee chap. le caneton vagabond means the wandering duckling. apologies to anyone french. apologies to anyone who speaks french, has ever been to france, speaks any other language or eats french fancies.



buffalo bill wild west annual which cost me a pound. its from 1951. it is a bit battered and has great drawings. like this….



this one is about how the american indian is cooked by god just right so he comes out a perfect brown colour. black people are burnt supposedly and whities like me are undercooked. kav is brown of course so she will be glad to hear she has had the correct cooking time. she is in dumfries this weekend so i have the house to masel. woohoo.



it also has these colour plates which read a bit like the j peterman catalogue. really feels like theyre trying to sell you a pair of cowboy boots or somethin.




also last weekend i went to my dads. i dont know why i dont go more often. so peaceful there. BUT while walking in the woods above his house i did find a dead deer. it had been killed and gutted and the meat taken, so alll that was left was the guts and the head. it was very weird and very fresh. maybe just killed that morning . dont know if it was a legal kill, a cull, or an illegal kill. my dad gets them in his garden all the time. they eat the heads of all the flowers and just leave you with these green stalks.

I;ll understand if you ditch me from your neighbourhood for putting these up. not exactly what u want to see on a relaxing saturday night. heres the head. looks kinda peaceful actually.


if you zoom in you can actually see large lice on its head. near the horn bumps. no joke. the eye hasnt clouded over yet. theres other pictures of the guts in my photo library but i wont put them up actually. its a bit much.


my dads house is down near the water where those brown pines are at the left hand side. he looks out onto the clyde every day. submarines go up and down there, they have to go down unsubmerged after they pulled down a fishing boat, which kinda defeats the purpose of a sub. and plenty of fishing boats and ferries and the waverley.


clearly there are plenty of christmas tress so if you want one just say.


i thought id put one of me up cos i dont really ever put photos of me up here. i didnt kill that fuckin deer by the way in case your suspectin. wisnae me.

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16 Responses to wild west saturday. SOME GRUESOME PICTURES FOLLOW….WARNING!!

  1. Wow. That is the best wandering duck story I've ever heard. Even with it being en Francais and all. Bra-VO. Those little cows were crazy cute too!Good to see you. And out there in nature, too. Be careful out there, it's dangerous. Do you have bears in Scotland?

  2. Ishtar says:

    what is it with young ducklings and ego?never thought about the question but now i'm thinking it's the curve of the tail. simply looking at it would cause the pride center of the brain to light up. your dad's place looks very beautiful. i'd be fascinated by the dead deer too. death being such an incomprehensible thing.

  3. I once ate a French fancy so can confidently say your pronunciation was perfect. I liked that – it was like kittens inspired by kittens but more soothing on a Sunday morning.Your dad's place does look beautiful. And cold. And I would like a Christmas tree please.

  4. no, no bears sixbucks,
    but i think we should have! and lions and rhinos. lets get them all in here. we should turn a walk in the country into one of those old roman gladiatorial games, at the country gate you get given a choice of trident, gladius and big net and a pair of sandals and a loincloth. countryside needs jazzing up a bit.

  5. tails. yes. thats it. how mother nature decided it was an evolutionary step forward for us to lose our tails i'll never know??.
    what a boost to my confidence it would be if i was stepping out with a tail every morning.

  6. thank you fox. i have seen kittens inspired by kittens!, in fact its the one reason im hoping kav gets pregnant. so i can have a little actor/actress to film and direct and live vicariously through.
    your tree is in the post.

  7. ishtar i meant to say…. your recent dream sounds like my alison ringbaum story…
    at age 9, upon exploring an abandoned building she came across the suffering of a litter of dying strays. Seeing no hope, she killed the cats, before ripping a clump of hair from each of the tiny bodies. She swallowed the hair in the hopeful belief that some part of the cats might live on through her. After 30 days, 3 long black thick whiskers grew from each of her cheeks, which she proudly darkened with boot polish.
    so prepare for whiskers. that would light up the pride centre.
    and we've both been in the woods recently!

  8. Ishtar says:

    why yes, and it's water proof, which means resistance to being dampened.

  9. Ishtar says:

    alison ringbaum: read the story and love it. i've been thinking that my dream is not really mine, but now i know the real cause of that prickly feeling on my cheeks (they come in two sets of three pin pricks, like some kind of radio signal). i'm getting my boot polish ready… about woods: you look good and moody in front of those christmas tree possibles.

  10. plubby says:

    So you didnae do it? You sure?
    Love the cowboy illustrations – they have something of the same feel as those heroic Russian communist posters.
    (Come to think of it, I could've been arrested for that comparison back the McArthy era – oops.)

  11. i won't inform on you plubby.
    i love those commie posters. i think im a no-good red at heart.

  12. Lauri says:

    Oh MY!I have the Wandering Duckling in English! My grandparents gave it to me in 1957 when I was 1 year old. So it must have been in it's 12th printing or so. We find deer heads and guts quite often around here, also. Deer are everywhere and someone is usually hunting them illegally or hitting them with a car and then butchering them and leaving their remains by the road. I enjoyed the post! Except for the evil cowboy shooting wolves. Bad! 😉

  13. No way! That damn duck gets around! He's very cosmopolitan. I'll give him that. yes, i could have made a nice stock or soup with all them guts. they looked very plastic. just imagine those wolves are hellhounds lauri. the mail must get through.

  14. Lauri says:

    That cowboy mentality again….is that George Bush?

  15. AmyH says:

    I'm late in looking in on your posts. I think I'll have to listen to the wandering duck story when I get to work. For some reason your sound file doesn't come up as anything but a blank white square. My computer is really old so maybe it doesn't recognize what that is, although it should in theory.
    A lot of things in life should work in theory. Too bad it doesn't work out that way in reality.
    I love the countryside where your dad lives. Yes, I agree you should get out there more often.

  16. no, its not your computer, it does that to me sometimes as well. also sometimes a pic will disappear and therell just be a white box. then if i refresh a couple of times it shows up. weird. its just vox i think. kinda clunky. ghosts in the machine. also i sometimes get that thing where everyones comments overlap and you cant read them? and also that one where the video slips down behind its frame and you can just see the top few centimetres. maybe its my computer.

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