swing time

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6 Responses to swing time

  1. Jando says:

    I wish I could dance like that. Ginger Rogers hardly needs the floor in that clip – she just floats about.

  2. dewitte says:

    Wow, Paul – that's one of my favorite clips ever but I could never remember what movie it was from. Thanks for posting it! I'll have to find the whole movie now.I saw this on some show about Fred Astaire and they were talking about how he was flirting with her and acting like he couldn't learn how to dance. Awesome.

  3. good call. i havent seen that one.
    have you seen that top hat clip where he dances on sand to send ginger off to sleep?. thats pretty cool.

  4. yeh. i wish i could dance like fred. hes kinda weird lookin with his lightbulb head but he still looks good i think.

  5. yeh, i keep watchin it. i havent seen the film. ill need to get it as well.
    that and the laurel and hardy film where they sing on the trail of the lonesome pine. is it called way out west? i think thats it. im in the mood for gentle black and white films. i think its cos winters coming.

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