whats inside.

whilst travelling abroad, it has been my luck to be cornered and attacked by a wide variety of the worlds beasts. they see me as a tasty snack. my scrawny swimmers build and milky green complexion giving the illusion of good health food chow. it has also been my experience at home, that small children, upon seeing my scars ask about these same beasts with a dread and fear in their little bodies entirely unhealthy for todays youth. and so. to dispel the foggy claptrap built up over years of wildlife documentary, bedside fairy tales and poor parental fearmongery, (it is no wonder bedwetting is the prevalent killer it is today) i bring you part 1, in a series of information graphics detailing my experience in the digestive flume of beasts. there is nothing to be frightened of.






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4 Responses to whats inside.

  1. AMAZING. I love them. You should make them into a handy leaflet that can be consulted for easy reference.

  2. AmyH says:

    Whew! What a relief! I also have some Schadenfreude over the CSO. I'm a sax player, and orchestras don't have saxes, so it's a relief to know none of my saxophonic brethren have been rhino/buffalo fodder.

  3. F.I.T.S. – a pocket sized pamphlet, yes. good idea. for while on safari, or at the zoo.
    i wonder is a leaflet and a pamphlet the same thing? or are there subtle differences. i am going to look that up. i am going to blow your mind with my next post outlining the differences between leaflets and pamphlets.

    AMY – no sax in the orchestra. i did not know that. i never thought about it. but yes i guess ive never seen or heard a sax in an orchestra. why not though?. seems elitist. even the triangle gets in. and the drums. is it a rule? its brass aint it. let the sax in. thats what i say. i guess it sounds different. might sound like lisa at the start of the simpsons.

  4. Lauri says:

    These are wonderful! :DMy five year old nephew is having nightmares…these may help him! 🙂

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