piracy struggles to stay afloat.

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4 Responses to piracy struggles to stay afloat.

  1. Jando says:

    What will happen to the parrots?

  2. No more swashbuckling in Glasgow. Sad day.

  3. swashbuckle is a good word. i should have tried to fit that in somewhere. actually swashbuckling is alive and well, a guy i used to work with had a slit in his jeans below the knee that ran up and down the way. thats where his sword would stick out when he sat down. he would put his sword inside his trousers and when his leg bent it would poke out below the knee. that was in Bridgeton. its a real dump down there. he was obviously nuts but you had to admire his sense of style. everybody else was just carrying kitchen knives. he also had a double crown i remember.

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