have cut 4 vinyl drawings for boxframes. but still need to weed them. one of the fonts is a nightmare to peel, so that will be fun tomorrow. cut a few more circles for collage. read the introduction to moby dick which kav has started reading for her book group (kav did not read the introduction) and it tells you the whole story. what the fuck? that saves a couple of weeks then. what kind of dumb shit thinks its a good idea to tell the ending in the introduction? id happily kick that guy up and down the street.

been thinkin about makin signs for fictional characters. so captain ahab will have a fishmongers. but need to find the right books with right characters-profession-business mix.

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1 Response to monday

  1. Jando says:

    I never read introductions – only prologues.
    There's a fish n chip shop in Kentish Town called Captain Nemo – I'm guessing the owners had the same idea as you.

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