i have been making box frames. yeehaa. super chuffed.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Paul, those are fantastic! What are you gonna do with them? You should put them on display at an art show and rake in the big bucks. I think my favorite is "The Hedge Lady".

  2. Yes, and I would like to see how you put in the lights so that I may take your idea and expand upon it…and by "expand upon it" I mean steal.

  3. thank you jamie. yeh if i could find a place to sell them id love to do that. they cost me £20 to make. but they are fairly easy to make. if i could sell them for £50 i think it would be worth doing. hedge lady is a real person. i was walking down the street wearing my godfather t-shirt and she said ' you know who the real godfather is dontchya? and i said wha? and she said 'you know who the real godfather is dontchya?' and i said whos that then? and she said 'god the father' and did this crazy wee dance where she pointed both thumbs up at the skies and wiggled her ass. it was really weird, so i went home and drew this.

  4. yeh ill tell you when i get it. ive tried fluorescent tubes running off batteries, the ones you put under your kitchen cabinets. they are cheap and bright but once you put them in the box they dont really light it up inside very well. its strange cos i thought they would be bright enough. and i dont really want a wire coming from the boxes to a plugpoint, id rather they were self contained. so im stuck. and also the space between the front glass and the back wall is only about 30mm, so you cant get anything really big in there. stuck stuck stuck.

  5. I found a junk shop here that sells these wooden picture/shadow box things and the front glass slides up and out for easy access. They are super cheap – like 2.00 each for an 8×10 inch frame and not all that badly put together. I was thinking about trying something like your light boxes with them, but the actual lighting of them had me stumped. I've been pondering these things for about 6 months – the only tools I have are pretty basic, though I do have an electric drill that I could make holes for cords…if I HAD to go that route. They are about and inch or so deep.Sell them on etsy! I might even have a buyer lined up for that Smokey Oats…

  6. cha0tic says:

    I would buy and eat Smokey Oats Cereal. I could snack on it whilst sitting inside the pub.What size are they?Try a search for Cold Cathode lighting. The sort of stuff people use for case mods on their desktop 'puters and underneath their cars.Electrolumienscent Sheet, or EL Sheet. is another thing to look for.Another way that might work is by using Individual LEDs if you don't mind a bit of soldering.drop us a line if these suggestions don't make any sense.Maplin sell both I think, but they're quite expensive. Mooching about online should get it you cheaper.

  7. wow that is super cheap, im buying mine from ikea, theyre costing me £12 each.
    yeh my girlfriend suggested etsy too, but what with the large amount of glass, i decided against it cos posting would be a gamble, and the image is adhesive vinyl applied directly onto the glass, so if it breaks, its all ruined. but maybe in the future.

  8. thats true, it's a way around the smoking ban. someone should make bar nuts with nicotine in them actually. theres money there.
    they are 20inch by 20 inch bought from ikea for £12.50 so quite decent size.
    cool. i seen cold cathode lighting in halfords actually but i didnt know thats what it was called, so thats a help. they were selling one 30cm bar (which would fit great) for £20 that plugs into your cigarette lighter. that was too expensive i thought when i was only spending about 20 on everything else, the vinyl, the box and the background maps. but searching cold cathode lighting just now i see i can get a 30cm bar for about £6, so thats more like it. the good thing about the halfords bar right enuf was that they had it wired up to a battery so all the boy racers could see what it looked like lit up by pressing a small red button on the packaging. that would have been perfect cos i could just bypass the cigarette lighter and keep it running off the trial battery pack. but 20£ is just a bit much i thought if i was wanting to maybe try sell it. but if i can cleanly wire it up to a battery pack and switch i think that would be the way to go.
    never heard of el sheet. ive looked it up and i want it!. bejesus its expensive though eh? – like printer toner expensive. so think ill fool about with the cold cathodes see what happens
    na cant be bothered soldering. used to be good at it when i was twelve, tried it again a couple of years ago. ended up being a very ugly scene,- moaning, tantrums, crying, burns, fumes etc. either ive changed or solder has changed. and to preserve my masculinity im blaming present day solder quality.
    thanks for all the advice. i might wander into maplin actually and just have a snoop.

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