cutting paper

have spent most of the night cutting out paper circles to make collages with. have foound that collage is not the slap bang thing i thought it was and its quite hard to not make it look crap. we watched 'breathless' godards first film. its quite good. very charming, very gentle, slightly strange but likeable. makes me just want to be back in paris though. thats basically why i keep buying french films. have 'the taste of others' to watch tomorrow.

we bought aisha, my friends daughter, the very hungry caterpillar for her birthday. around it in the bookshop were all eric carles other books. they were all quite shit. he peaked with that fat caterpillar. i'll 'neighbourhood' this post in case eric reads my blog.



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4 Responses to cutting paper

  1. I didn't realise Eric Carle had a whole series of The Very [Adjective] [Animal] books. I can't imagine The Very Clumsy Click Beetle was a big seller.
    I like your collage circles. Especially the girl with black hair in the red coat.

  2. yeh. i felt bad for him as well. he must know he'll never reach the critical acclaim of hungry caterpillar. its his 'gone with the wind.'
    im sure hes mega rich and doesnt need my pity.
    my girlfriend kav got an old 1977 bunty annual out of oxfam, so shes been cutting out a lot of those types of faces. that particular story was about a girl burglar/crime-fighter called the cat who had these tie on suction cups to her knees and elbows and would dress up in a cat suit. this episode she was fighting the nazis no less. swastikas and everything.

  3. Jando says:

    'The Mixed-up Chameleon' isn't a bad read but the others are a bit dire.

  4. Lauri says:

    A big laugh about Eric peaking with the Caterpillar. I must admit it's more than I have peaked with, however! *still snickering*

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