i was woke this morning by someone phoning looking for 'the fish people'. they are a fishmongers at sheilds road underground and unfortunately their phone number is only one digit away from mine. so we get a lot of wrong numbers.


behold. the wonderful simplicity of the glasgow underground. a perfect zero. like in the hudsucker proxy. you know for kids. none of this changing trains claptrap or different coloured lines. its either clockwise or anticlockwise and they both get there in the end. today was very drab. i think summer is over. just watching mad men. not too bad.

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5 Responses to O

  1. Jamie says:

    You know..for kids! We say that all the time.Let me know how you like Mad Men. I got DeWitte the DVD of the first season because I heard everybody loved it but we haven't watched yet.

  2. Lauri says:

    Now that's a subway I could maneuver! :DSummer never really made it here, this year, but it's been ok. The last two days have been completely beautiful!

  3. mmm. thats us watched 3 episodes. my sister loves it, gave it to me. im not sold yet on it actually. its very nice to watch but i dont love it. ill keep you posted.

  4. its getting dark here at about 8.30 now. im beginning to think ive squandered the summer and its going to be a dark winter. i should have went out more!

  5. Lauri says:

    I'm sure there will still be a few good days! Get out in them!
    I am not convinced I like Madmen yet either.

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