i am lying on my back listening to this song staring up at the ceiling. its that kind of song.

we have really got to make more use of ceilings i think. mines is very drab. what a waste of space. isnt their something we could do. to take some of the burden off the walls and the poor floor? hmm? it looks very empty and far away. the walls are loved, and the floor is hoovered, but the ceiling is forgotten.

i think i will try and write something here, every day for 30 days. its not as if im doing anything else. nothing creative. just stuff. i was reading michael palins diaries while at my dads. he just blabs about nothing in particular. dental appointments and such. but its strangely likeable. i read somewhere terry gilliam is considering him for the don quixote role in his unmade film with johnny depp. because hes that age now, and could pull it off. yars. that was pish easy. 29 to go.

p.s. my laptop now has 4 lines top to bottom of dead pixels 😦


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3 Responses to ho-hum-30

  1. cha0tic says:

    Mirrors are a traditional ceiling decoration.I bet they're a bugger to clean and polish.

  2. AmyH says:

    You could a mural up there. With lots of small, interesting details to give you something to look for when you aren't able to fall asleep.

  3. Lauri says:

    Sorry to hear about your dead pixels! :(As for ceilings..I will be looking at them and pondering more often now. There must be something we can do with them!

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