mystery of the bob celeste.

at dawn our crows nest spotted ship on horizon at east. she is a brigantine. lying low in the water

nest reports ripped sales and slight listing. no man above deck. she is drifting but is flying no distress signals

our hallos having been ignored we approach the vessel from starboard side and thumpe 3 times with the non oar end of an oar on the side of the hull. no responce.

once upon deck we secure the wheel. the forehatch and the lazarette are both open and the entire ship is a thorough damp mess.

in the forward hold there is at least 2 and half feet of bilge water and large number of ex rental vhs tapes

the galley is also in poor state. wallpaper poorly applied and of low design quality. carrot and coriander soup left boiling unattended. needs more salt. one bulb needs replaced above pool table. our ships mate reports no white ball or chalk for cue.

super nintendo left on in entertainment centre – super mario kart. street fighter cartridge found in wrong box. controller still feels warm to the touch.

max bygraves record playing in empty creche. autographed bob hope photograph above minibar – 'to gladys, all the best, bob hope xxx'

bath poured in en suite bathroom, water now tepid.

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One Response to mystery of the bob celeste.

  1. dewitte says:

    I would usually say alien abduction if it weren't for the missing chalk and white ball. I think that suggests something more sinister…

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