supermarket jumper

5 minutes in each supermarket then a bright flash of light. then another supermarket, then another, endless supermarkets.  this was George Troppmans fate, to jump from supermarket to supermarket.  trying to price right what once was priced wrong.  trying to mop up what was spilled on aisle 4.  trying to get a 'price on mixed leaf salad! , price please!, mixed leaf saalaad! '  trying to rotate stock, hoping that one day he would make the jump, ….back home.

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7 Responses to supermarket jumper

  1. I hope his next leap doesn't take him to Asda Leyton Mills. Although he might be needed to sort out the eternal fights in aisle 23; something about the tea selection angries up the blood.

  2. ah, Asda Leyton Mills'. or the eighth circle of hell as it is known in supermarket parapsychology.

  3. Lauri says:

    *shaking head*I am so totally torn between laughing my ass off or running away screaming when I read your blog.I always choose to laugh my ass off! 😀

  4. cha0tic says:

    That doesn't seem so bad a fate to me. Eternally grazing on the Supermarket bounty of the 21st Century Western world without having to pass through the check out and paying for it.

  5. youre right. it does actually sound pretty good. theres never anything decent to eat in my house.
    ok ill change it. hes just a head. in a shopping trolley. and he just has to go where others push him. and the trolley has one bad wheel. and he can only talk to that guy that had emu and that guy that had spit the dog.

  6. actually thats harsh. ill give him an arm as well so he can reach stuff.

  7. navelgazer says:

    evil, evil paul. 😉 I'll look out for him at my neighborhood dominicks, which must certainly be on the hellish itinerary.

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