as this note is being written Gilfuttock & Co is being

dismantled and dispersed, and the decline of Glasgow as

the major centre of fake athletic trophies has reached a

further stage.


the business was a partnership of Gilfuttock and Pears,

who began the business together in 1904, and remained

inseparable partners throughout. previously operating in

Goosedubbs lane, they had occupied the present shop and

the five floors above it since 1930. both scrawny and

unfit, Gilfuttock and Pears had long manufactured fake sporting

backgrounds for other boney, emaciated and

uncoordinated gentlemen.


the business was general, but well moulded sets of

standard poses, modern medals, footballing trophies and

boxing paraphenalia were outstanding features and the

stock of gold and silver plastic olympic medals was

probably unequalled anywhere.

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