the amazing rare book.

it was published in 1903.  only one was ever published.  a one and only first and last edition.  it was never sold, but given freely with instruction that it not be resold, but be given on completion of reading to a stranger.  by 1905 around 60 people had read it.  it had become slightly warped, and there was a drink stain on the hard green cover.  over the years the book was read and passed on, loved and left, and altered by varying degrees depending on the holder. by 1919 the book was missing the cover entirely as well as most of the last chapter and the lower half of page 44.  the book began to fall apart more and more through use and had become held together with a variety of strings and bands and tape until this month when i received the book.  106 years after it was created.  all that now remains is the small upper right hand portion of page 287 and on the reverse the upper left hand corner of page 288 which i will now reproduce here.


page 287:

illage beside the Mississippi                                                                          

tained a ruffled net over layer                                                                           

d with willow leaves in stream                                                                           

page 288:

                                                     recovered two years after bei

                                                     where she pursued them acro

                                                     this bloodied torn parchme 

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2 Responses to the amazing rare book.

  1. Jando says:

    I wonder what the publisher would have made of you putting it on the internet.

  2. cha0tic says:

    I wouldn't worry. It's probably in the Public Domain by now.

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