what caint yu doo?

im not much of a reader. 

a lot of people think thats shocking that you dont read books. they react to it like you kill kittens. also ive only just watched to kill a mockingbird. ive never read the book. im not going to read the book.   im 31.   if i was going to read all these books i should really have got started 25 years ago. its too late now.   so leave me alone. i have also not read of mice and men.   im not going to read it. cant be arsed.  i have also not read animal farm. i am not going to . cant be arsed.   havent read the great gatsby. cannot be fucking arsed.  im watching tom and jerry. leave me be.  i can tell all you high falutin bookworms are aghast right now. well tough. i aint readin them. you read them. im not readin them. i can get through life without readin them. i wont be any worse off. still reeling?

i have not read death of a salesman!

take that. get over it. i will never read it. i will get through life missing all the references to it and to lines in it. i want you all to come clean and be honest. use the space below to admit you havent read any of these books either. these literary staples youve done without. perhaps add something else you havent read that everybody expects you to. 1984, gone with the wind. come on. lets join together. throw our ignorance in these bookworms faces. revolt! damn you! also im illiterate. i cant write my own name. whos with me?! also i cant tell the time. whos with me?! also im not toilet trained. who else isnt toilet trained? huh? dont let them judge you. be happy in your own filth. use this space to tell everybody what you aint read!. what you cant do. get it off your chest. let them naysayers judge. who cares what they think?

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9 Responses to what caint yu doo?

  1. Jando says:

    I haven't read the bible or the complete works of shakespere. I've also never baked a souffle or learned how to join one of those skipping games without tripping over.
    I do have 4 Tom and Jerry DVDs though and a Loony Tunes one, but it's not so good.

  2. Jef says:

    I can neither swim nor ride a bike.
    Victoria Beckham hasn't read a book either. She has written two, mind.

  3. well done brave jando. i know that was hard.
    i thought all girls were born with the skill to join those skipping games. those skipping games are incredible in fact. how can anyone do that?
    i havent read the bible or shakespeare either. nor baked a souffle.

  4. bless you jef for speaking up. maybe through your speaking out others will feel that they can speak out also.
    in fact ill start. i cant swim neither. just doggy paddle.

  5. agathafrye says:

    Atlas ShruggedThe FountainheadGone With the Windany Jane Austen at allAnne of Green Gables, and relatedCrime and PunishmentDon QuixoteJane EyreLittle WomenWar and Peaceany Harry Potter books…and many, many more. Haven't read any of them, and I'm a librarian, even.

  6. agatha you are our new mascot
    if a librarian like you can no so little about the classics then there is hope for us all. bless you agatha. you are our new leader. rock on. etc.

  7. agathafrye says:

    I've also read a lot of classics! There's just not nearly enough time to read them all in this life. Happy to serve as your librarian mascot…

  8. man. how drunk was i last night? i spelt 'know' without a k or a w.
    must try harder.

  9. Lauri says:

    I haven't read Moby Dick. I used to be toilet trained. Not anymore.

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