unhappy company of navarone customers

after i bought these i loved them. and to my disgust when i went to wear them for the SECOND time the bottom of one boot was half hanging off! badly made and very dissapointing!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bra arrived promptly, but was nowhere near the size advertised, and unfortunately " my cups runneth over" I thought that it was of reasonable quality and looked pretty, but wasn't worth the price. I couldn't even be bothered to send it back, so my local charity shop had a extra donation.

I sent this item back about 6wks ago as it was too small( which I explained with the item) – I have had no word back and am not at all satisfied.

Don't bother with these t-shirts, they shrink in the wash (despite washing at only 30 degrees). They're a waste of money.

Not quite thrilled with this purchase as it is so different from the picture/description. It is very light, more of a winter top than a sweater, and the fabric is not great.

I bought a M/L I am a size 12 on the bottom and 14 on top but this was very small, difficult to get on and uncomfortable.

This garment was a waste of money. Textile too thin, seams cobbled together; I bought two and they are both in the rag-bag. Never again!

The vendor did not dispatch the correct item so I am not terribly pleased. I would have given them 0 stars if it were possible.

I ordered these early December and still not recieved them.where are they? i have e-mailed the company and heard nothing back! RRRRRRRubbish!

it is a disappointment. it is all shredded. like it is not done yet. the material is bad. i am trying to get refund. i got it as a present for my sister. she said it is a piece of crap cloth. she was rude but still i was embarrassed.

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