laverne and shirley

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4 Responses to laverne and shirley

  1. Jando says:

    Why, thank you.
    L&S looks chock-full of madcap humour.

  2. cha0tic says:

    Madcap humour and flouting of Health and Safety regulations. Riding on a forklift like that!

  3. yes jando.
    the intro is merely a soupcon of the full unexpurgated 25minutes of wacky hilarity that was laverne and shirley.

  4. indeed chaotic.
    these were the days before forklifts were known to be the silent killer they are now.
    my generation learned the hard way. aged 10, me and my cousin were riding on one, we fell off and it drove over his hand. the driver (a bored security guard) was distraught. my cousin was distraught. i was unscratched, but wiser to the dangers of factory tomfoolery.
    bet youve seen a few forklift murders in your line of work.
    they're like bad herbie's, with evil little minds of their own.

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