hello. my name is clyde. what shall i do?

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6 Responses to hello. my name is clyde. what shall i do?

  1. cha0tic says:

    You should get a few good dinners down you Clyde. You're looking a bit skinny. Maybe go to the Doctors and get yourself checked for Hydrocephalus.

  2. on chaotics concerned advice, clyde went to the doctors where a skull tap was fitted. fluid now drains from his swollen head into a thermos flask he carries with him. he has also developed a small pot belly from eating cheeseburgers as chaotic believed his swimmers build was unhealthy and that he needed some meat on his bones.

  3. Jando says:

    Clyde should come to my picnic with his thermos and burger. The tap will be great for cleaning our hands after our feast.

  4. cha0tic says:

    The thermos is a great idea. It means that the fluid maintains it's body temperature heat. It's much nicer to wash in warm cerebrospinal fluid.

  5. aaah! poor clyde. my failure to check for more comments made him miss the picnic. he probably ate alone.
    picnics? really? its freezin up here.

  6. i bet you could make a good soup stock from that.
    mmmmm. yum.

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