subduence looms then boomage

the stock market was expected to stoicly solidify as the blog of navarone declared the worst of the crisis over. merely the slightest utter from the navarone is expected to be enough to turn the worlds economies around. in fact a period of high boom is now expected. stock markets were expected to bottom out, but news from navarone has proved to be a tonic for world currencies before. readers are now beckoned to go on a high spending spree. secure in the knowledge shit has now turned around.

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9 Responses to subduence looms then boomage

  1. AWESOME!!! Why don't you lead the way, Paul, and buy a 30×40 inch print from me (that's 75cm by 100 cm approx) from my etsy store? Just as a show of good faith, y'know?
    (Dang, I don't have the gall to include a link)

  2. Jamie says:

    I don't know if I can go on a spending liquidity's don't have any confidence..or maybe my confidence doesn't have liquidity. You can see why we have an accountant.

  3. Jando says:

    Phew – that's a relief; I'm dumping that toxic debt and exchanging it for a nice new non-toxic one.

  4. you think me a duke or a baron?? my living quarters arent even 40 inch across such is the size of the destitute hovel i find myself in….i would have to fold it in the middle and have it on two walls…
    actually a huge world on fire might work in my living room……maybe when the economy has more confidence in its liquidity. actually i could just steal yours and photoshop out the watermark!. and you would never know! then i could spend the money on drugs and loose women.

  5. you have an accountant? well lah dee dah jamie! my goodness. im not even sure higgins from magnum p.i. has an accountant and hes dead rich. he has a big house and a car and dogs and everything and magnum works for him, but i dont think even he has an accountant! ive never seen an episode with higgins' accountant. not one.
    you and dewitte are richer than higgins.

  6. ah! non-toxic!
    the felt pen of choice for primary schools everywhere.

  7. What sort of a stingy bitch do you think I am with my friends? Just ask me to send the original file – I'm always up for charitable support of spending money on drugs and loose women!
    (Though really, if you are going to spend money on a woman, she should at least be tight).

  8. youre right, no more loose women for me….,
    ive turned a corner.
    tight is right.

  9. Lauri says:

    Glad to hear the corner has been turned. As for boomage, when the word of navarone gets out, the boomage will undoubtedly occur. Until then……bustage!

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