sweaty sheets

i had this dream last night where i met my past self, a younger me of about 9 years ago, when i was doin a bit better with everything. anyway past me bumps into present me in the street and so we chit chat and hes askin me how im gettin on, what im up to, plans for the future and shit like that. i dont ask him anything, because like, i know what i fuckin done 8 years ago, i dont need to fuckin ask him. anyway he gets dead mad, shoutin at me callin me a lazy wee fucker, and why the fuck is he burstin his arse doin really well with everything if it was all just so i could piss all my and his talent away doin nothin but watchin old cagney and lacey reruns and generally bein some sort of cowardy custard? i said well i didnt fuckin plan it did i? im doin the best i fuckin can with the cards im gettin dealt!!. its no fuckin easy yeknow!!?? im no exactly fuckin beamin wi pride at the way its turnin oot maself yeknow??!! but hes no interested in anybody but himself and he starts bloody hittin me. theres me and him brawlin in the street like a coupla bums. anyway he beat me. hes younger like you know, by eight years. hes got youth on his side. he beat the real shit out of me. my past, hopeful, gutsy, positive past self.

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3 Responses to sweaty sheets

  1. If I'd been in your dream we could have teamed up and shown that asshole what's what!

  2. yeah! tag team! ha ha
    sixbucks and the navarone.
    i think we could take him , hes a skinny wee weedy fucker!

  3. I think you should kill yourself. That would show him, the wee fucker!!

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