i detect….

a general angriness in the air which is a bit depressing. jamies got a few comments lately and i just seen one on another neighbour. usually its quite polite on here. which i was suprised at actually at first. usually online things are full of back and forth abuse just cause theres a lot of numpties online. ever played 'gta4' online' with the microphone? man! that is brutal!. its all 'fuck your mother' this and 'i did this to your granny' that!. and little kids play that! its kinda funny as well as depressing actually.

actually im glad its not all nicey nicey like flickr. bejesus. every comment on there is really asskissy and complimentary.. kinda sickening.

anyway. i look onto lots of other windows where my flat is and theres this border collie across the road. 3 floors up and its been staring at me for fucking days. im gonna take a picture and put it up. just keeps staring at me.

dont know what to do today. i have a whole day to fritter away. probly end up doin nuffin.




thats it in the corner of the window. im sitting on the floor right now. do that a lot. hes just watching me man. its really creepin me out. every time i turn round hes fucking lookin at me.

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9 Responses to i detect….

  1. Give that dog a break. He's probably been waiting for you to post something. If you want evil dogs you should come to the monkey house.

  2. i cant take it much longer. hes messin with my head. he hasnt gone for a drink of water all day. hes there right now. i think it could actually be a stuffed dog or somethin? or just a dogs head on a pole.
    whats with the nutter on your blog?? jamies got one as well. i wish i had a bitchy screwball. everybody else has one. sniff.

  3. Jamie says:

    The nut jobs are out in droves lately. I think they're sniffing too much glue. A little bit, fine, but don't stick your head in the bottle (that's a joke, by the way, while I will be working with rubber cement later today, I don't plan on sniffing it.)Try staring down the dog. That's what I do to bumpasses dogs when they drive me crazy. I stare at them and think thoughts so hateful, they run away whimpering.

  4. glue sniffin never hurt nobody jamie, knock yourself out.
    are you building model planes?
    no. i think its that hadron collider. people r crackin up. the air feels fizzier or somethin.
    cant..quite………put my finger on it.."
    (that was 'acting' through the medium of type). ithankyou

  5. AmyH says:

    I really don't mean to laugh at your predicament with the snoopin' pooch, but I can't help it. I hope that doesn't make me a hater, unless you want me to be and then you can have a nutter on your blog, too.
    Is your spy dog still there? Does he ever rest?

  6. its dark here already so i cant see him.
    but i know hes there amy! watching…. waiting……..

    alas, you appear too sane for the nutter job amy.
    although, the scorpion thing! — youre hard as nails!

  7. AmyH says:

    I think all the scorpion posts are keeping all the crazy people off my blog. Don't be messin' with the Scorpion Queen, yo.

  8. cha0tic says:

    Is blog nutter an official position here? Kind of like CEO or Village Idiot?

  9. it is! it is the position!
    send a cv with a photo outlining your convictions, murders, general debauchery. stalkers prefferred but will train if neccessary(?) {is that right, can never get that one right} necessary, neccesary(!?) neccesery, no thats definatly no it. shit cant spell definitely right either. include addresses of past victims, photos of grisly trophies or newspaper cuttings. meets nat. min. wage.

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