‘tri-quarterly santas elf report’ leaked by inside man

the blog of navarone has come into possession of some very hot stuff. we have one page of the tri-quarterly santas elf report. we got a page of the p's

thats right people. the naughty list. 4 months early. a lot of good men died to get you this information.

check it once. check it twice. see if theres anyone you know on it whos naughty, not nice. you know the drill.

if there is, the heads-up should give them a couple of months to try and turn it around. if you cram good deeds into the last month you can turn around any amount of bad shit. even murder.

bobby pace

arnold pack

george packard

stanley packer

david packer-doust

jennifer paddleford

alice padgett

brian paffet

ewan page

fiona paget

julie paisley

lloyd pape

jojo parish

jamie lee park

francis parke

linda parke

bobby parker

angus parker

hamish parker

john parkhill

fred parkhurst

alison parkin

josephine parkins

archie parkinson


thats all we have.

even if we can save just a few of these bad kids, it will have been worth it.

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2 Responses to ‘tri-quarterly santas elf report’ leaked by inside man

  1. dewitte says:

    angus really deserves to be on here. he pulls cindy mcphee's hair WAY too often.

  2. yep. theres no way back for that boy.
    i predict a life of petty thievery and skullduggery.

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