what luck!

finished work on the friday an hour and a half ago. went to tesco and bought lots of food for weekend. crisps. dip. eclairs. bread. pasta. gets on the no.5 bus to go home. puts all my shopping piled up on my lap. bus is stowed. packed like sardines. soon the seat next to me is the only free seat left on the bus and im thinking. 'oh no please' 'let the next guy who gets on not be pavarottis double or a conjoined twin'. and then ! what luck! next person on the bus was a one armed man! no stump or nothin. clean off at the shoulder! so i had all that extra room where his arm would have been diggin into me. fuckin brilliant.

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4 Responses to what luck!

  1. Jamie says:

    Now that's looking at the bright side of life!

  2. AmyH says:

    What luck, indeed! A great start to the weekend.

  3. I saw this prank video once… a radio station called Asda and said Could you please page my Daughter? Her name is Tess. Her last name is hyphenated: Coses-Cheaper. The woman at Tesco gets on the intercom and calls out Tess Coses-Cheaper = Tesco's is cheaper…. Bwhahahahaha!!!

  4. Oops, I mean the Asda Lady gets on the PA system…

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