no loitering

A moth was seen last night, first hanging around beside the bus stop, then moved down to the corner near the lamp post. It flitted there for several hours. Mrs Agnew said the moth appeared drunk. Moving in large circles around the light. The police were called and after several hours of tazering the moth was subdued. Upon being taken to insect hospital the moth was declared dead on arrival. Police then charged the moth with loitering. Officer Peabody claimed the remains after no family came forward. He had the famous taxidermist Roger Doevish stuff and mount the moth on a nice piece of teak the size of a 50p piece. He has hung the animal on his wall above his mantelpiece. It is another in a series of bug related misdemeanours around the company of navarone. Many blame bad schooling and the relative poor income of the insect community, many flies can only bring home enough stink to barely feed their family.

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2 Responses to no loitering

  1. Jando says:

    It's happening down my way too – an obviously drunk moth tried to hurl itself through my window several times last night. It didn't actually do any damage so the community police officer just issued it with an ASBO and moved it on.

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