lost and found department. blog of navarone.

lets see if we cant get some of this stuff back where it belongs.

we've got:

1 faux ivory umbrella stand.

1 red mitten.

2 walking canes. brown.

1 wallet. fake leather. says: 'i heart portugal' on the front

1 used green lipstick. 'avocado passion'

1 small cherry wood dresser. walnut drawer lining

1 used red lipstick. 'burning slut'

1 scuffed hubcap. dirty grey.

1 handbag containing leftover chicken bones

2 jars 'mother may i' chocolate spread. 1 opened. best before date. feb 16th 1982

1 VINYL LP. the very best of chuck tavender. music for the hungry heart.

1 childs plastic dinosaur. stegasaurus. 1 leg chewed. 1 boney backplate bent.

1 apple pie lip balm.

1 pack of seeds. pansy.

1 book. the arabian nights. to ashley. all my love jane.

1 pulp magazine. to hell and her heart. mint condition

1 celebrity magazine. top peep. issue 32. edward g robinson front cover. v dogeared.

1 small crucifix.

1 buck rogers bubblegum card. beedy beedy

1 pair grey slacks. 34 long. elasticated high waister.

1 billiard cue. engraved: the belgrade rocket

1 surfboard.

5 clementines. ripe.

1 lumberjack shirt. tear at pocket.

1   2-handled roman amphora

1 ukelele. rhinestone studded. 1 string broken.

1 kevin kline autographed photograph. to linda. always…..kevin.

1 whicker chair.



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13 Responses to lost and found department. blog of navarone.

  1. 1 scuffed hubcap. dirty grey.I believe the hubcap was mine, but I bought a new one last month… figures…

  2. and YAY! for banner, that's my favorite one!

  3. SweetMisery says:

    2-handled roman amphora. have to look this one up. Great banner. lol

  4. SweetMisery says:

    a Greek Vase. ah ha

  5. You always said I lost my Burning Slut lipstick after that kinky night we spent with the lumberjack shirt and the Beedy Beedy card. I see now that you were lying, you dirty, souvenir-collecting Beedy Beedy fetishist! Promising to repair my shirt is NOT an excuse to pretend you don't know whose it is after all this time!

  6. cha0tic says:

    The Clementines are ripe? Eat them now.You need to find who the Apple Pie Lip Balm belongs to quickly. Apple Pie Lip is a serious medical condition, similar to a Hare Lip. The person who lost it is probably suffering even as I type. The Balm is used to sooth their condition.I'd like to see the Two Walking Canes. Could you post a video on YouTube please?

  7. ! thieve?! moi? pour le lost propertie?? non. non. non. le clementines ne sont pas les miens!! je suis un professionalle.
    hey , its true actually, apple pie does burn your lips a hell of a lot eh?. and pizza sometimes. just ban the apple pie. thats what i say. ban it. too dangerous.
    i would post them. you know i would. but they take 16AA batteries each and ive emptied every remote control and camera in the house and i have just 4 batteries. never enough batteries.

  8. youre right burning slut.. im sick. i need help. boo hoo. sniff.
    hey. now that i think about it, most of this list is from that night!
    the 'mother may i' chocolate spread, the crucifix, the handbag with chicken bones….
    at least we'll always have that one sick night together. with all that cheap jumble sale crap. ah memories.

  9. yes, im up to my neck in amphoras here sweetmisery. everyones always leaving their amphoras here. i have a plethora of amphora.

  10. i shall hold on to your scuffed hubcap grumblebunny. stuff the 90-day holding rule! then when some little bandit steals a hubcap you'll know therell always be one here. here. for you. at navarone house.
    just bring the $2.50 administration fee.

  11. SweetMisery says:

    lol. at least they are appealing to the eye

  12. Ishtar says:

    The clementines are mine. They rolled on to the floor when I got off the bus, pulled by Doppler the poodle. Five you say? Where is the sixth? YOU must have eaten it!

  13. hey, hey! it was badly bruised! i put it out of its misery!

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