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the blog of navarone filmic quiz. name the films

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‘tri-quarterly santas elf report’ leaked by inside man

the blog of navarone has come into possession of some very hot stuff. we have one page of the tri-quarterly santas elf report. we got a page of the p's thats right people. the naughty list. 4 months early. a … Continue reading

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what luck!

finished work on the friday an hour and a half ago. went to tesco and bought lots of food for weekend. crisps. dip. eclairs. bread. pasta. gets on the no.5 bus to go home. puts all my shopping piled up … Continue reading

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the punishment of bob…… ongoing weekly report

bobs punishment this week was to walk the streets with his shoelaces untied, schlepping his shoes along the street, hardly lifting them at all. at the end of the day he would wring out his sodden shoelaces into a glass and drink … Continue reading

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glasgow village local news

-Lloyd McGurk let his son Tony stay up late and watch westerns with him with the light off. They ate pieces and crisps.-Toby and John Magregor have made a shark fin from cardboard and are planning to use it at … Continue reading

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no loitering

A moth was seen last night, first hanging around beside the bus stop, then moved down to the corner near the lamp post. It flitted there for several hours. Mrs Agnew said the moth appeared drunk. Moving in large circles … Continue reading

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lost and found department. blog of navarone.

lets see if we cant get some of this stuff back where it belongs. we've got: 1 faux ivory umbrella stand. 1 red mitten. 2 walking canes. brown. 1 wallet. fake leather. says: 'i heart portugal' on the front 1 used green lipstick. … Continue reading

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