there was an young girl from bermuda

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  1. her shorts were made of barracuda…

  2. …her shoes were red lobster…

  3. she said they make her feel like a famous mobster…

  4. that fashionable moll from bermuda.

  5. that was clunky!
    i give us 2 out of 5

  6. yeah, my game wasn't on.

  7. AmyH says:

    … who loved to eat lobster and gouda

  8. dewitte says:

    I've been to Red Lobster, but I didn't know they had shoes…

  9. Oh, heck! Now I'm sad I missed the limerick-slam AND I'm hungry for fried fish!

  10. i ve never had lobster i dont think. actually i dont think ive had gouda either.
    had fish fingers and dairylea.
    is Red Lobster a place? sounds like a wild west character actor.

  11. is Red Lobster a place?Red Lobster is the McDonald's of Seafood.

  12. aaaah! i see.
    we dont have that. i think our equivalent would be 'blue lagoon' chip shops.

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