my cousin showed me this. its for a viewfinder reel. but if you look the family are all giving the cameraman (and therefore the kids with the viewfinder)  the middle finger.

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9 Responses to banananza

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow..and what the heck is that in Little Joe's pants..I think it must be some sort of sock.

  2. Aside from the bird flipping all I have to say WTF is Hop Sing doing out of the house???Did I ever mention that my dad, when a bit younger, looked astonishingly like Hoss?

  3. Jamie says:

    I thought maybe he just had a thing for Asian guys..

  4. well hes a fine looking man. who wouldnt fancy such a laddie?
    i thought the wild west was hot?. that boy looks freezin. wooly hat, scarf, wooly jumper. and hes doing manual labour! this boy has ice water for blood!

  5. they are all marvelling at his train track and train building prowess. he'll be over that yonder hill by lunchtime. you wait and see.
    mmm. no you didnt. and your mum? whos she look like?
    my dad doesnt resemble anyone famous.

  6. and your mum? whos she look like?So glad you asked!

  7. hoss and aunt bee. nice. what a celebrity ridden family you have sixbucks.
    although i dont know who aunt bee is she looks very safe and cheery. we never got the andy griffith show. whoever he is. we got bonanza. but not andy griffith.
    such is life:
    sometimes you get bonanza, sometimes you get andy griffith.

  8. Wanda says:

    ha ha that is great!

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