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renowned novelist miss jessica fletcher will be available for a live web chat on this site at 8.30-9.30pm gmt. today friday 18th to talk about herself and her books, or whatever topics you wish to ask.

thank you.

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59 Responses to live web chat

  1. hello everyone. im delighted to be here. thank you all for coming.
    whats the first question?

  2. Jando says:

    Hi Jessica (if I may!). I am an avid fan of yours and I have all of your books. One day I'll read them; I'm really hooked on your TV shows. My questions are:
    1. Are they recorded live?2. What do you think of Columbo?3. Why didn't you use Chaka Demus and Pliers' song for your theme tune?

  3. can i get you some water mrs fletcher?

  4. no thank you paul i have a brandy here.
    hello jando. how wonderful to meet a fan. i love to meet people. i have so many fans. yes you should read my books, but starting off with the tv shows is a good way to get into them.
    in answer to your questions dear,
    1. yes they are jando. a documentary team follows me around cabot cove 24 hours a day while we wait for a murder to happen.
    2. i love frank. that is his first name you know. not many people know that, they call him columbo. but we are on first name terms.
    3. oh ho ho. you kids. that music is a little after my time!

  5. this is very exciting.

  6. does anyone else have a question?

  7. im sure there must be lots of people with a question for mrs fletcher.

  8. yes they must be shy the little darlings.

  9. anybody for a question for mrs fletcher?

  10. Jando says:

    Thank you Jessica. Can you just say hello to my dad? He's always had a bit of a soft spot and can you say 'hi' to Pog and Foxy and Minks and Bad Miss K and everyone else who knows me?
    I'm having such fun talking to TV's Jessica Fletcher whilst watching Celebrity Master Chef – this is the best Friday night I've had in ages.

  11. mariser says:

    ah, Mrs. Fletcher. how lovely of you to stop by the blog of first question: is that a horn on the right side of your head?

  12. mariser says:

    what do you think of Helena Bonham-Carter murdering (heh) the role of Mrs. Lovett in the film version of "Sweeney Todd"?

  13. hello jandos father. i wonder is he handsome dear?
    hello pog. hello foxy. hello minks. hello bad miss k. i just love meeting the fans.
    murder she wrote is probably on channel 5 or uktv gold jando. id really rather you watched that dear. thank you.

  14. why hello mariser. its always lovely to meet the fans. goodness me no! ha ha!
    no that hairstyle is all the rage in cabot cove darling where we film murder she wrote, my tv show.

  15. oh i thought she did alright darling. every actor must play it the way they see it. you are obviously a big fan mariser. for everyone else, i played the role on broadway.

  16. gosh! broadway?!
    even i didnt know that. well done mariser. good question!

  17. Jando says:

    It kinda depends on whether you like men with hair on their heads.

  18. mariser says:

    I wonder . is Cabot Cove where you film MSW near another famous Cove in American TV? I'm referring to, of course, Crab Apple Cove, the birthplace of Dr. Benjamin Pierce (Hawkeye)

  19. well i had an affair with phil silvers. he was very bald.

  20. yes! i was benjies nanny when he was a little lad.

  21. mariser says:

    you are way too kind about H B-C, Mrs. Fletcher. you own that role. (or like the kids say today, you pwned poor Ms. Bonham-Carter)

  22. how lovely. im having such a lovely time.

  23. pwned. oh is that a sexual term dear? im not familiar with that term.
    you crazy kids! ha ha hee.

  24. i got a tony for that role you know! im sure you know that. listen to me bragging! ho ho ha!

  25. mariser says:

    it was very well-deserved, ma'am.

  26. thank you dear. how perfectly charming.

  27. this is going very well isnt it? does anyone else have a question? i love to meet the fans.

  28. Jando says:

    I've got a question from Vox's homepage:
    How do you travel to and from work – personal vehicle, bus, subway/train, pedal power? What does it cost you per week in gas or fares?
    Also, I'm going to pour myself a gin now – do you want one?

  29. goodness. look how time flies. only fifteen minutes left. what fun.

  30. hello jando. hows your father?
    i travel by bike jando, as you can see in the title sequence of my long running tv show, murder she wrote. i find it keeps me very fit. i also take cod liver oil capsules. it keeps my joints supple.
    oh i love gin. i drink it with lemonade instead of tonic. its very sweet.

  31. Good afternoon Mrs. Fletcher. I am SO nervous. Have you yourself ever been a "person of interest" in any of the numerous homicides you have encountered. Have you considered that you nay be a contributing factor to this mayhem. I mean, it does sorta follow you around.

  32. my word. only ten minutes left.

  33. Jando says:

    He's good thanks – probably on his yacht and nowhere near anyone who'd want to do him any harm – not even a shifty looking man in a tan polyester suit and black polo neck.
    Have you met Scooby Doo? My kids love him and Hong Kong Phooey. When they're older I'll let them watch you – you're such a great role model and clever.

  34. oh dont be nervous darling, we're all family here..
    ho ho. how funny, youre a cheeky one arent you! but yes you might have a point there. cabot cove has the highest homicide rate in america dontchyaknow?
    but it has lovely views.

  35. a yacht! how lovely. quincy has a yacht. hes a lovely man.
    no ive never met scooby doo darling. hes a cartoon character, whereas i am a real person who solves murders. silly billy!

  36. goodness gracious only 4 minutes left.

  37. oh well! time up. how unfortunate, what a lovely time i was having. i love to meet the fans. keep watching my tv show, murder she wrote1 goodbye darlings. lovely meeting you.

  38. Jando says:

    Bye Jessica! You've made all my dreams come true – this is the best day of my life. I like Quincy too.

  39. paul! what the fuck was that shit huh? 3 fucking people?? what a waste of my fucking time! you told me there would be fucking tons of people. you shit. you fucking dick. that did nothing for me. nothing.

  40. oh, im sorry mrs fletcher, i thought thered be more people, im really sorry.

  41. this is the crummiest gig ive ever done. just crummy,
    and whats with that last broad huh? basically accusing me of murder? ill pop a cap in her ass. nobody messes with the fletch!
    im gonnae pass your name round tinseltown buster, youll never get another celebrity on this site ever.
    cheap. cheap. cheap.

  42. jeez, what a stone cold crapbag you turned out to be. talk about having your dreams shattered. you were my hero fletcher. well thats it. no more murder she wrote. thats it. im a quincy man now.
    thats the last time you come on and insult my readership fletcher.
    fuck off.

  43. sorry about that guys. what a fink eh?

  44. humf. just leaves you kinda sad and empty.

  45. Jando says:

    Sheesh – who knew she'd have that dark side? Some people! You know, it's no coincidence that she's related to most of the victims – I reckon someone was out to get her and she just lucked out. Don't get upset Paul, I've got Jane Marple's number, if you'd like to invite her along sometime – she's a bit weird, like she changes her face a bit, but she's a super sleuth.

  46. AmyH says:

    Oh dear, I missed it. Maybe I could have thrown her a few questions and then she wouldn't have gone off on you so. You tried. It's not your fault.

  47. i know! what a jekyll and hyde. old bag.
    im gonnae get marples number off you. shes a proffesional.

  48. im glad you missed it amy, we dont deserve to be treated that way. we deserve better than that.
    thanks for your support amy. what a let down eh??
    i wonder if she even knows columbo or if that was just a lie. i dont think columbo would hang about with her. hes nice.

  49. foof.
    still suffering. that was like if mary poppins turned out to be a chain smoking stripper.
    no wait, that would be cool.

  50. mariser says:

    gosh, I'm sorry.she seemed so…nice…and to turn on you like that. shocking, really.I suggest that maybe for next time (when Ms. Marple is on, p'haps) you announce the gig before hand. maybe the night before. that will give the fans enough time to clear their calendars and think of questions.

  51. cha0tic says:

    Bugger! I missed the chance to ask one of my all time favourite detectives a question I've wanted to ask her for years. I wanted to know just how pleasant she thought it was bobbing along, bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea? If you get Columbo on for a live chat could you give us a bit more notice? As I think I have just one more question I'd like to ask him.

  52. Jamie says:

    Hey…why didn't I hear about this? Where were the advertisements, the press releases..I didn't even get an email! I think she needs to talk to her agent.

  53. Yep, I too am always a day late and a dollar short for these events.

  54. navelgazer says:

    I'm glad I missed it, snoopy two-faced ole biddy. nasty nasty. no one treats our navarone pal so shabbily. though it may indeed behoove him to stick with a higher class of sleuth, such as monsieur hercule poirot or little nancy drew.

  55. Lauri says:

    It's 7:30 am. I am working in the emergency room lab, and I am laughing my ass off.
    Gaaaaaaaah. Good stuff.
    Jessica Fletcher is one funny cow. Don't mind her, Paul.

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