underwater electric paulrovian operetta

in this wizard of oz story. dorothy now 38 goes back to oz and falls in love with the aging wizard, he tells her it is not possible for them to be together. that the age difference is too great. that they are from different worlds. dorothy refuses to leave. there is nothing left for her in kansas. in this scene. the wizard battles with his conscience while dorothy struggles to understand his rejection. both appear on stage together. the wizard below water level. dorothy above. the water level rises and falls as each voices their thoughts. the entire play is spoken in paulrovian dialect. 'sleef en skiem, sleef en skiem' she pleads. 'no sush rien' he replies to the fishes.


the wicked witch of the west is dead. her flying monkeys and her gorilla henchman prepare the laboratory to bring her back to life so that she can defeat the returning dorothy and enact revenge upon her friends. as midnight comes the gorilla casts the spell.



dorothy enters the forest.  having lost her friends, she finds solace in the forest of spirits, proof of something after death.


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2 Responses to underwater electric paulrovian operetta

  1. Jando says:

    I never know what I'm going to get when I read your blog, but it's always good.

  2. thanks jando. thats nice to hear.

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