too much stuff.

my flat is filled with too much crap. so much so that the walls have appeared to move inwards. i thought at first that is what had happened, that some guy stuck those goddam indiana jones inwardly moving walls in my flat but without the spikes. but its not that - just the slow inevitable collection of stuff. you see this is what a house really is. its a means to start buying books and other unnecessary things. before you had a house you would say 'but where am i going to put that?' before you bought something, you imagined yourself walking the earth with that thing on your back but now you just accumulate. i have only ever lived in top floor flats. really just by fluke. but i dont like the idea of someone living above me. i want to be highest. anyway living on the top floor makes the accumulation of crap all the worse. you drag the crap up four flights and when youre moving out you drag all the crap back down four flights. half the reason i havent moved is so i dont have to drag all this crap downstairs. and the thing is that even if you only bring a little shit into your nest every day, after a couple of years thats piles and piles of shit.

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3 Responses to too much stuff.

  1. dewitte says:

    I like living above everyone else too. When we used to live downtown, we lived on the second floor of a four story walk-up. Always, the kids upstairs were dropping things and playing with things and it was just a never ending ruckus. Finally we had a chance to move to the top floor so we went for it. I didn't give much thought to how noisy we actually were. One day I dropped a two inch super ball and it bounced and bounced. And I thought, wow – my downstairs neighbors must hate me. Then one evening, we had a twelve inch iron frying pan sitting on the table and the cat started clawing at the table cloth until it fell off. WOW, was lit loud! Oh, well. Later those neighbors below us moved out and finally some college kids moved in and I don't think they were ever home. Probably better for everyone that they were.You're right about the clutter – and the more space you have (like a house with a garage and attic, etc) – the worse it gets. You find yourself saying "Oh, throwing that out? I'll take it." And then you can't get to the TV…

  2. SweetMisery says:

    yes this is a wide spread problem. lol

  3. navelgazer says:

    I'm in the midst of addressing this very matter right now as chris and I prepare to go from two apartments down to one. combine the attraction to lots of odd and quirky crap with the tendency to procrastinate, and you have a fairly monumental dilemma. but I am gradually chipping away at the mountain…

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