disbanded fan club

Edmund Gorse has disbanded the Rachel Parsley fan club on hearing the news that Rachel has married her longterm sweetheart. Edmund will grow increasingly bitter, his house full of discarded effluvia with tenuous links to Rachel. Things like used tickets stubbs, cigarette ends, hair, chewing gum. The Rachel Parsley fan club only had one member – Edmund Gorse. Poor Edmund. He is a man without love.


Edmund has watched Rachel since he was 6 years old. Collecting objects from around Rachels house and often attaching ill informed meaning toward them. A bent kirby-grip resembling his capital letter. A discarded worn out running shoe found pointing open mouthed in the direction of his house. Countless trees are scarred with their unofficial loveheart and initials, innumerable school jotters are daubed with dripping arrow pierced hearts. While inside a childish doodle of a boy and girl on swings with initialled top hats on, another of his planned Rachel Parsley parade with 100ft high flags, ticker tape and woolly mammoth procession.  another of a becaped despectacled Edmund carrying Rachel to intergalactic safety. Edmund sits glumly at his bedroom window. Poor silly Edmund.


Across the street sits Karen Kane. Watching lovesick Ed through her binoculars while he sits watching Rachel Parsley. Poor Karen Kane.  Poor Edmund Gorse. If only these two stalkers could get all psycho on each other. How much happier they would be. 

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