its just wrong

i dont understand why books are classified as fiction and non-fiction. fiction means not true. which means that non-fiction means not-not-true. which is plainly just bad english.

and also i dont think we should be classifying stuff firstly through the negative. as in books are 'false and not false.'

so from now on we're swapping it around and changing the meaning of the word fiction.

fiction now means true. and non-fiction means not true. that should clear up any confusion.

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6 Responses to its just wrong

  1. quornflour says:

    according to fiction actually means: an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanationIn which case, stating that it is imaginary does not explicitly mean that it is false or true, and only imagined. I can imagine truths… in which case non-fiction is something that is not imaginary? so what happens if you imagine actual events??hope that clears it up.

  2. mmm. yeh. the last bit bends my head a bit.
    i was also thinking about auto biographys and biographys that are classed as non fiction. —–not imagined. but if the person writing it lies about what happened in their life it's still classed as non fiction.
    and surely everyone writing about themselves gets stuff wrong or does imagine actual events (like you say) wrong even if they dont mean it. and yet its still classed as non fiction. i guess they're saying everyone perceives their own truth. even if its false or imagined. so basically we should abandon the term non fiction because everything is actually fiction, even truth. isnt it? or is it?
    we should just have books. no segregation.

  3. quornflour says:

    but then a biography and a memoir would be the same thing, because a memoir implies that though based on actual events some may be changed for better reading… or something.
    if someone takes acid or something and has an "overly" active imagination and believe that things are actually happening, does that make it fact or fiction, non fiction or unimagined, when someone says that it is unimaginable… then what?

  4. Jamie says:

    Wow..this is way over my head but I gotta ask…if a tree falls in the forest without anybody there to hear it, does it make a sound? What if it falls on a bear? Does the bear make a sound? I don't know..I stay away from forests..they've got snakes in those things.

  5. Jando says:

    My head hurts and it's not just the wine.

  6. its the glue sniffing jando.

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