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there was an young girl from bermuda Read and post comments Advertisements

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creep factor 5

i was trying to get to creep factor 10 but we just dont have the powr captain. a navarone goody bag to the person who can identify that impression. i have inserted one of those maps that i can see … Continue reading

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Bonanza finger my cousin showed me this. its for a viewfinder reel. but if you look the family are all giving the cameraman (and therefore the kids with the viewfinder)  the middle finger. Read and post comments | Send to a … Continue reading

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to further keep you further informed

march prices   current prices as you can see since end of march, copper is high stagnant, braz copper has edged off, y brass has jumped up, b brass has high levelled, lead has edged off, stainless steel has jumped … Continue reading

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mr henry hatfield. a languid and episodic true history in five parts

before you read about the legacy of mr henry hatfield and roundly condemn the barbarity and the man of which you will read, allow me to bring to the fore several peculiar and noteworthy events surrounding the young henry which … Continue reading

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by navarone decree:

we shall now not be naming kids until they are in their seventh year. thus preventing a Millicent being misnamed Mildred or a Pedro being misnomered Pancho. too many kids walking around with the wrong names for their faces. until … Continue reading

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live web chat

jessica fletcher renowned novelist miss jessica fletcher will be available for a live web chat on this site at 8.30-9.30pm gmt. today friday 18th to talk about herself and her books, or whatever topics you wish to ask. thank you. … Continue reading

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