i read a whole book. almost.

true history of the kelly gang

has anyone else read this book? i thought it was really good. so much so that iv stopped short of reading the final chapter cos i dont want it to end. which ive done with a few films as well. im diggin this pink text too. if anyones got a problem with that they can come fight me right now. i read lord of the flies recently too which i also thought was the bees knees. the last ten pages my heart was racing which i dont think has ever happened to me before with a book. i think if it was to get rewritten today they could push the boundary even further on it and it would be excellent. half way through the book i thought it was going to get soooo dark when it had basically been a kids book up until then. i thought 'this guy is so smart hes lured me into thinkin this is an innocent boys adventure book' and thats half the reason i loved it. for what i thought it was gonna be rather than exactly what it was. it was still dark. but not uber dark. which means really dark.

see me. critiquing the classics.


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3 Responses to i read a whole book. almost.

  1. Jamie says:

    I've never read either one but I'll pick them up next time I'm at the library on your recommendation.I stopped reading the book Atonement because I could see what was coming and couldn't bring myself to finish. I should have stopped reading Atlas Shrugged because that book was just awful..unless you're rich, then it would probably be pretty good. I'm not rich. Watership Down sucked, too. Don't read them, you'll just be sorry.

  2. Ishtar says:

    I haven't read this book by Carey, but it looks very good and I'm glad you mentioned it. Oh, I like the pink too 🙂

  3. that happened to me when I watched Lord of the Flies, I had never read the book, but a wee ways in, well…. it certainly was not a fun little movie anymore, no it was not.

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