where in the wold is molly ringwald?

as you all know elusive molly didnt get any work after 'the breakfast club' so today we introduce this regular new feature to the blog of navarone:

'wheres molly?'

if you have seen molly ringwald today then you have to comment whereabouts you seen her and what she was doing.

i have already received a few by fax.

* i just seen molly packing groceries in 'happy foody' health shop in downtown illinois. alison jameson, illinois

*molly stood behind me in the que to see the little amateur film 'the wet and tattered coat' at felixstowe odeon she had a medium pepsi and a pick and mix with only cherry cola bottles in. brian.

* i just seen molly in the middle of airdrie high street chasing an empty crisp packet in the wind.

* molly just swam past me at govanhill swimarama. had a green swimming costume on. tess.

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6 Responses to where in the wold is molly ringwald?

  1. I saw her singing in a piano bar in Fate, Texas.

  2. dewitte says:

    Oh, man – I just saw her somewhere but I didn't think I'd need to report on it, so I already completely forgot where it was. What a horrible reporter I am… She was with some kid and they were trying to break into a government computer. I knew she would turn sour after hanging out with all those ruffians…

  3. I just saw Molly Ringworm driving a cable car in San Francisco.

  4. Jamie says:

    That wasn't Molly Ringwald.. was Ally Sheedy. Molly Ringwald's out there stalking Duckie. The geeks usually your best choice in the long run. People named Blane trade up as soon as your breasts look like they might even think about resembling something out of National Geographic.

  5. dewitte says:

    Dang – that's right. I think I confused them both in Breakfast Club. Well, I haven't seen her anywhere. But I did see Ally Sheedy. Maybe we could start a similar campaign for her.

  6. ally sheedy. she was a fox. bad dandruff though.

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