and the demons name were maunday

hark! what demon cast it shadow by my door. begorrah and cry foul it be the working week.
it doth encroach like cold fingers up my jacksy
surely it is too soon
feck. it be sunday already?
postpone thy cruelty
and return another day or never. suityersel.
what vengfil god lays such heavy burden upon my fored
why me yee big galoot?
what poisoned fruitcake have i placed within your picnic basket for you to smite me so
silence is your tongue and yet your shadow still approches
unfettered and unrelenting like the community charge.
i say! pass by my humble door deaf unwelcome visitor.
go onward to the jones' at number 8
they be languid and have not worked a day, the buggers o' benefit fraud.
hold back on oprah and the mid morn crap
for my tender stomach cannot digest. my disposition is for weekend and not
the week. My bum squeals and parps so, like the cowardly Chihuahua
My eyebaws sobbeth. My spine like yellowest rubber it doth bend and shiver.
Back, back I say.
Aff. Calamity. It has me by the knackers.
I am finished like all seasons of sopranos on hbo
Garp. My eyesight fades. The 5 day fiend has triumphed
Torture. Tortoise. Tortal recall.
It gibberish. My minds agoner.

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One Response to and the demons name were maunday

  1. Hast thy bum yet exhausted its squealing and parping?

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