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i read a whole book. almost.

true history of the kelly gang has anyone else read this book? i thought it was really good. so much so that iv stopped short of reading the final chapter cos i dont want it to end. which ive done … Continue reading

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in memorium

Considered one of the founding fathers of jazz punk, the music industry is mourning the loss of  Thomas john ‘rabbit hole lemon tooth decay’ Kincaid.   With well known hits such as:   ‘Raspberry covered mommas boy’ ‘A little bit … Continue reading

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addiction – the marmalade years.

i like the way a fresh heavy jar feels in my hand, I like depressing the little lid, the tamper evident safety button- discard if button pops up- i like twisting away that little piece of lid-sealing cellophane and seeing … Continue reading

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where in the wold is molly ringwald?

as you all know elusive molly didnt get any work after 'the breakfast club' so today we introduce this regular new feature to the blog of navarone: 'wheres molly?' if you have seen molly ringwald today then you have to comment … Continue reading

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and the demons name were maunday

hark! what demon cast it shadow by my door. begorrah and cry foul it be the working doth encroach like cold fingers up my jacksysurely it is too soonfeck. it be sunday already?postpone thy crueltyand return another day or … Continue reading

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the 303rd chocolate division.

it is 1941. the 303rd chocolate division has been in north africa for over a month. sergeant brownie is in command. alright treats. gather round. i just want to have a summing up of what stage we're at. let me first say i … Continue reading

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soon! the sleeping giant awakes! telegram teaser.

company of navarone on siesta. stop. will return with usual extravagant stories and nonsense. stop. much jollity and general amusement will ensue. stop. then you will remember it wasnt really that good anyway. stop. and it will become rather annoying and tedious. … Continue reading

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