navarone girl of the year. (so far)

okay my girlfriend kav said i should write this down just so that the moment is marked. tonight i was out without kav. i was out with my childhood friend john. we've known each other for about 18 years (im 31). so the usual happens on a friday night in glasgow town centre. lots of half naked girls. really beautiful girls . girls that make you really regret being in a relationship in a shit man kind of a way. but anyway the night ended. after about 6 or 7 pints. so im heading home on the bus and a lesbian looking girl gets on. its about midnight, shes got a headscarf and a puffa jacket. i know that sounds like a stereotype but she just did. she sits behind me. we're about the same age we go another couple of stops. a guy gets on, he says to the driver: 'is it only one bus an hour?' (sarcastically, hes taking the piss that there are no buses, its late at night) then he walks down the bus and says 'black bastard' under his breath.(the driver is asian) he says it quiet enough that the driver cant hear. now to be honest this happens a lot in glasgow. glasgow is a racist city. it pretends that it isnt. but im really gutted to say that it is. my city is a racist city. so the guy sits in front of me. the lesbian girl is behind me. im in the middle. immediately after the guy whispers 'black bastard', the girl behind me says 'theres no need for that'. she says this instinctivilly. she didnt think about it. she just said it. the guy says. 'dont start me doll' and waves his hand, 'dont start me doll'. he doesnt look backwards towards her. i never see his face. he just said it forwards and waves his hand backwards ,'just dont start me doll' he says. she says again loud, 'theres no need for that'. i say : 'aye shes right' and the guy shuts up. if im honest i wouldnt have said anything if this girl hadnt have stuck her neck out. because this kind of racist shit happens every day. my girlfriend kav is asian and i still wouldnt have bothered because its so commonplace. you would be fighting everyone in the street. anyway, i just wanted to say that i was so proud of this lesbian girl sitting behind me. i was so impressed. just because she reacted immediately towards human intolerance. without thinking twice, without thinking about getting beaten up or shouted at or whatever. she just said out loud immediately what she thought. you might think to yourself 'of course thats what everyone does', but if you are truly honest that isnt the case, most people just let ignorance and intolerance slide, they let disgusting things happen because its easier to ignore it and pass it off as a few uneducated ignorant fucks. so i came home and told kav, it was a good night, plenty of beautiful girls but out of everyone the most impressive person was this girl behind me on the bus whose face i wont remember. kav said, no im the most impressive, but i said nope, sorry doll, you're not, she is easily the most impressive girl ive met all year. that i loved this girl sitting behind me. and that if i could, i would express this to the girl behind me. but that of course i didnt think it was right to turn round to the girl and say to her that i thought that this was the kind of girl i wanted to have as a friend, that this was the kind of person i wanted as a friend, and that this was the kind of person i wanted to be, someone who spoke on reaction rather than someone who judged everything and then acted or was jaded by the intolerance and didnt speak up. so i just kept facing forward even though we had both backed each other up, me through speaking after her and her through speaking for me. so she never saw my face, and i probably wont see her again. but i wish i could just to say i thought she was fucking ace, and i wish i was more like her.

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13 Responses to navarone girl of the year. (so far)

  1. AmyH says:

    Great post, great experience. Thank you. You're right, I let a lot slide because I don't want to stick my neck out in certain situations. But while I play it safe by keeping quiet, I regret those times when I didn't make a stand for someone.

  2. Belladonna says:

    Maybe you are like her. Maybe there´s times before that you´ve spoken up but you just don´t remember them. Maybe she´s never spoken up before, but for some reason, tonight she did. Maybe she´s sitting tonight telling her girlfriend/boyfriend about the guy who backed her up for once on the bus.
    The only thing certain is the other guy on the bus is a dick.

  3. Belladonna says:

    And the next time, turn around and tell her and you might make a new friend!

  4. Excellent! And Kav and Paul are the second and third most impressive people of the night. Huzzah!

  5. Not up for much commenting. Still too busy unpacking. Just wanted to say this is great!

  6. Ishtar says:

    I love i just kept facing forward even though we had both backed each other
    up, me through speaking after her and her through speaking for me.The best.

  7. yeh, i have spoke up before sis. ive had too. im saying i think that this girl spoke up without thinking about it. which i dont think i do. if kav had been beside me id have definatly reacted without thinking and said something of course. but because she wasnt it was less urgent to say something so i thought twice and left it, passing it off as just another arsehole
    but the girl behind me spoke just because she was fucked off about it. and i think thats probably the better way to be. she reacted rather than thought. i think id rather i was like that and spoke up regardless of consequences.
    but i didnt do that. i didnt see that there was any real point last night. until of course she said something and it became something more. as far as i know this girl has less reason than me to speak up- >she was also white and although i dont know for sure, she probably wasnt in a mixed race relationship<
    regardless, she wins navarone girl of the year.

  8. navelgazer says:

    she wins navarone girl of the year.please just don't make a sash.

  9. navelgazer says:

    p.s. I wish you and kav and the ngoty could be my real life friends. stoopid geography. evil sneaky teasing internets. 😉 xo.

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