if the answer is 20s plenty, then what would be the question?

the answer is twentys plenty. so whats the question. you tell me.


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18 Responses to if the answer is 20s plenty, then what would be the question?

  1. cha0tic says:

    What's the best number of Pints to drink at the weekend?

  2. What are your recommend methods to observe and incorporate Navarone Time into my daily life?

  3. Actually, I think it's 21. My Mother would always ask "Must I tell you 20 times"? and I would always say "No, you have to tell me once more" just to aggravate her. Then years later I heard that habits form in 21 days (or times), so I should just keep setting my clocks to Navarone Time and by the 20(21st)th time I wind them it'll be second nature to go to sleep at 6 pm and get up for the day at Midnight.As always, thank you for you wise counsel.

  4. oh. is that true, 21 times make it kinda habit forming? i 'll need to keep that in mind. thats a little gold nugget of information.

  5. p.s.
    you were a difficult child??!!! your poor mother.
    shame on you grumblebunny! shame on you!
    drop and give me 21 push-ups!

  6. I was such the difficult wee thing I swore I would never have kids if they'd be anything like me.

  7. Belladonna says:

    How many small children is it safe to fit inside an industrial washing machine?

  8. Belladonna says:

    How many times should you spin in a circle looking directly at the sun to induce hallucinations without the aid of drugs?

  9. navelgazer says:

    how many times must you stub your toe before you move that damn table already? how many cats in the house before an old lady's certifiably crackers? how many times must you hear a pop song before you actually begin to hear the voice of satan?

  10. No, seriously. What is it? Is it 20 miles per hour, or kilometer or eurometer or whatever you use?

  11. its twenty miles per hour, theres actually a gruesoome little advert that goes with the whole speed campaign in scotland ill try and find it on youtube.
    yeh here it is, this ones for 30mph, but whats 10miles between friends

  12. How many roads must a man walk down you can call him a man?

  13. how many hoops must a dog jump through before you can call him
    'hoopsy, the wonder dog'?

  14. Zero.
    You can lead a dog to a name like "Hoopsy the Wonder Dog", but you can't make him stop peeing in your shoe afterwards.

  15. how many shoes must 'Hoopsy' pee into before you can call him a vet and have him put down.

  16. Again, zero. I think since we know Hoopsy has a secret weapon of piss destruction, we should launch an immediate pre-emptive strike.

  17. However, about twenty years of occupation of Hoopsy's kennel should be about enough to wipe out all resistance to our "help" in training Hoopsy to never pee again.

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