monday night mindbender.

process for inducing out of body experience:

cognitive thought of self is located just behind the eyes. for o.o.b.e. to occur this must be realised and changed.

because in fact the thing that represents your self or maybe your soul is not located behind the eyes. if you ask people where they think their soul is located in their body they would say what? -thats right they would say either where their heart is or they might say in their gut. some people would say in their brains. most people think that the soul is located aroundabout their heart or guts, but when they really think about where they think their self is located its behind the eyes in their brain. it is important to realise that the 'thought concious' version of you occurs throughout the body and not from behind the eyes {which is only a viewpoint outward from the body and has become accepted by yourself as the area from which you experience things and think and control} you have been duped by the power of your sense. this is further confused by the fact that your brain just happens to sit behind your eyes, so you believe that your self is located there.

this might explain better how sight is ruling you.

imagine you had eyes in the back of your head as well as in the front. you would simultaneously see things from two different places, and to cope you would likely present the perception of your self as being the mid-point between those two places just behind both sets of eyes.

however this is confused because this just happens to be where the brain is located, to clarify we will have to diversify.

lets say your brain wasnt located in your head but in your knee, that there is no brain in your head and you do not know your brain is in your knee.

you would likely still perceive that your thought processes and thought viewpoint was controlled from somewhere just behind the eyes. in that now empty space. you would have no connection thought-wise or soul-wise with your knee. so you see? your soul/self has no connection with your eyes or your brain. in fact your 'thought concious self' runs right through your body. alternately if we were to move your eyes to your butt and you didnt know where your brain was you would likely still feel that your thinking self was located somewhere in your butt. its a trick that the eyes play. 

im only telling you this because its the first step towards getting out of your body. not because i want to get all wanky about religion or science or sci-fi or souls. none of that matters. all that matters is that if you know the idea of a self isnt located in one particular part then you can move it to another part.

lie on your back. just start off by concentrating on your breathing, then try to get to the stage which happens a few minutes after you lie down in your bed at night. this is when you begin to stop thinking through your eyes. the point where you no longer feel you could be looking at the room with your eyes shut, but that thought processes are happening without the eyes and if you were to open your eyelids it would take a moment longer to reorientate. now you need to try and pull the feeling from the extremities of your body into somewhere in your gut. this is the easiest part. its easier still if your legs are elevated slightly. this makes the blood run out of your legs slightly. when you cant feel your legs it confuses your brain into forgetting that you have legs at all. the brain is constantly keeping track of all parts of the body at once, its what keeps you grounded and stops o.o.b.e. if your body is numb then you stop thinking about your body. it makes it easier to push yourself out. once you arent really aware of feeling your legs and arms thats you heading in the right direction. it feels kind of like a floating. you cant quite feel your weight on the bed. you will probably lose it a few times because you will think to yourself "can i feel my legs?" and so you will immediately crash back to full feeling. after a few times of trying you wont be thinking of what you are feeling you will just be performing the action. < if you are having trouble doing this then imagine long rope extending out from a knot in your stomach to the five extremities. 2 arms, 2 legs and your head. start with your legs, imagine yourself slowly pulling the rope where your legs are up into a bundle in your stomach.the arms will be easier. forget about the head rope > you will know when youve got it. it will feel a bit nauseous and like floating.

so we are at this stage: you will be thinking from somewhere both behind your eyes and from your stomach / you wont be particularly conscious of arms and legs, you'll be kinda floaty and relaxed and you might also feel a little sick or queesy. that happens a lot. you may feel weightless like you are moving up or in fact that you are sinking through the bed. dont be scared when this happens. if you want to stop just move or open your eyes and you'll snap back.

 the next step is to pull that thing now in your gut up towards your head. the way this is done is kinda silly but it works. you know in a tom and jerry cartoon when tom would chase jerry towards the window and he would get caught in the blind and it would roll up trapping him in it? thats kinda what we need to do next. if you imagine the blind is where your head is and tom is the feeling in your guts you have to slowly wind it backwards, pulling the stuff in your stomach up into your head. it helps if you make your closed eyes look up into the top of your head while at the same time rolling your thoughts over and over. just keep the blind rolling backwards from front to back. if you are doing it right quickly you will feel that your 'feeling self' is now located high in the top of your head. you wont be aware of the rest of your body, only your skull. you will definatley feel like your kind of floating and you will probably feel a bit sick. you are very close to having an out of body experience now. you have to now move the perception of yourself about 4 inches toward the back of your skull. if you can get this far then tell me what you can 'see'. then i'll know if you are really doing it and i'll tell you how to get that extra inch out through the back of your skull. thats the special part. dont be worried about when you are out there not getting back in. you are connected by what can only be described as a bungee cord like thing that pulls you back in when you cease thinking about being out. like the feeling in your legs- you crash back to default full feeling unless you are right on it.

this post will be up forever so you can come back when/if you do it. just tell me what you see and i'll tell you how to get to the next stage (its not like you are gonna manage it tonight.) practice when you are in your bed at night. the most important bit is to relax.

next week: lucid dreaming


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