recipe for chocolate pockets. serves 2

you will need:

2 cadbury flakes

2 snickers bars

4 packets milk chocolate buttons

4 packets white chocolate buttons

2 medium sized bars cooking chocolate

1/2 pint milk

1 can golden syrup

1 tub chocolate ice cream.


lay all the ingredients out on the kitchen counter top. begin by warming the milk very slowly in a small milk pan. seperate the ingredients into two equal halves. wear a pair of light coloured trousers. preferably with a tight weave. if you cannot get tight weaved trousers thats okay, it will still work almost as well with other trousers. put all the ingredients into your pockets equally and pour the by now scalding milk equally into both pockets. now place both hands deep within the pockets and squish hands through rapidly melting mixture. now go for a short jog around the house for 40-50minutes . if you have stairs run up and down the stairs. now take off the trousers and put them into the freezer. leave trousers to cool in freezer for an hour. while trousers are cooling, scrape off any chocolate which perforated through the pockets onto your legs and keep these chocolate bits nearby. dont worry about any leg hair or burnt skin mixed in with the chocolate. now take the trousers from the freezer and turn inside out. cut both pockets from the trousers and arrange on a plate. take your scraped chocolate debris and sprinkle over chocolate pockets. serve immediately. 

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5 Responses to recipe for chocolate pockets. serves 2

  1. Excellent. It worked very well. Thanks for this recipe. My pants were a little loose-woven for this, but that just meant I got a nice brazillian into the bargain! The public hair added a particularly interesting texture to it all.

  2. oh my. i hadnt considered that LOM. this is practically a beauty treatment and family recipe all-in-one then.
    —-just like my 'painted toenail salad' and 'eyebrow pluck meringues'

  3. That's genius! Except – I think Mrs Klausmann just left the merangues on last time. I guess it's my fault, I did ask her how I could make my eyebrows more bushy. The big fluffy white eyebrows do age me a little, though, do you think she'd chocolate coat them next time?

  4. Lauri says:

    Ow. Hurtin' myself laughing. Haven't tried makin' the pockets yet. Will finish laughing first. *snortsnortsnort*

  5. I substituted the 1/2 pint of milk with creme fraich.

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